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Kelly Pickering

My Fiance started his search in the summer of 2016, and found Isaac and dimend SCAASI. He had a wonderful experience talking to Isaac. He took the time, sat down with my fiance several times and understood what he was looking for. Never tried to sell him anything or pressure him. Isaac and Stephanie both assisted Nate in his final design of the ring and were incredibly helpful and patient with the process. We have had a fantastic experience working with them and will recommend to anyone! We will also come back for other jewelry and stones, they have a lot of expertise in all different kinds of jewelry and we don't see a need to go anywhere else! Thank you for making our engagement process so memorable!

January 18, 2017
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Kathryn Lafferty

Simply the best! Issac was exceptional in his knowledge and customer service. He helped us find the most beautiful diamond that I will cherish forever. If you are looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring or any exquisite piece of jewelry this is where you need to go.

January 18, 2017
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David Yu

My experience at dimend SCAASI was everything I could have asked for when purchasing my engagement ring. Shannon and team provided great customer service and the ring exceeded my fiance's expectations. Would definitely recommend to others.

January 17, 2017
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Emil Nadjakov

I'm very happy with Isaac. I've dealt with various jewelers before so I have some experience in what to expect, and I have to say that I am very pleased with the way he runs his business. He spent a good amount of time with me choosing the diamond for my wife's engagement ring, which I ended up buying from him, and he also assisted me with getting the exact setting I wanted, which is a designer one that is hard to source and there is usually a hefty markup, which he significantly reduced for me. Isaac also worked with me on the price and I feel like I got a fantastic deal in the end. One thing that became clear to me is that he is not greedy. There are other little things that he did to accommodate me and make this a wonderful experience. I remember when we first met, he said that he tries to build relationships with his customers, and I think that is exactly the right philosophy. I can honestly say that me and my wife will be back to him for all future jewelry needs, and I highly recommend that you too consider working with Isaac!

January 08, 2017
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Jae Ha

I was researching engagement rings and decided to visit dimend SCAASI after visiting another jeweler in Chicago. The first place I visited had limited selection and I wasn't satisfied with the service of the staff. I visited dimend SCAASI and saw a wide variety of diamonds and rings, including the lab grown diamonds. I loved the diamonds and the ring settings that they had. Most importantly, the staff was friendly, professional and honest. Honesty is an important asset when purchasing such an important item. I wanted to know that I can trust the staff with the product and service. I was driving from Michigan to purchase the ring and the staff was accommodating and professional throughout. I was very satisfied with the ring and I'm coming back to buy wedding bands for me and my fiancee. I highly recommend dimend SCAASI to anyone looking for engagement rings and wedding bands.

January 02, 2017
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Steven Borowy

Great experience, service, and engagement ring! Shannon exceeded all expectations when it came to navigating the nuances of purchasing an engagement ring. Most importantly, though, my now fiancee and her family/friends love the ring. Very very pleased with the service and ring! Thank you guys!

December 28, 2016
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Dan Pedersen

Really fantastic customer service. I had a small issue arise with an item I had purchased from Dimend Scaasi almost ten years ago, and even after those ten years, they were willing to work with me to correct the issue and make sure I was happy. Thanks for going above and beyond, you guys!

December 19, 2016
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Karna Singh

Great experience from start to finish! I went here for a customized engagement ring for my fiance. I had a diamond from another place and asked these folks to create a custom-designed setting for the diamond. They did a phenomenal job in creating the setting, setting the stone and doing everything on time while doing a great job communicating with me throughout the process. Now I know, the process can be stressful, but they do take the worry out of it for you and are always there to help. Highly recommend them!

December 05, 2016
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Mike Preuss

The entire dimend SCAASI experience was amazing. They are professional and provide a no-pressure environment. They walk you through their methodology and are communicative every step of the way. I've highly recommended them to friends and family.

November 09, 2016
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Kyle Dary

dimend SCAASI was the only jeweler that I felt comfortable purchasing my engagement ring from. Isaac is extremely knowledgeable and very strict when it comes to selecting diamonds from his suppliers. The best advice I can give to anyone shopping for a diamond is that the cut quality of 2 different triple excellent GIA rated diamonds can be VERY different. DO NOT just buy a triple excellent rated stone and assume it is the best possible cut. The only way to objectively determine the light performance of a diamond is through an ASET scope. Many jewelers don't have an ASET scope because it would devalue some of their triple excellent rated diamonds. dimend SCAASI was the only jeweler that had the scope and allowed me to use it first hand. This allowed me to know 100% that I was buying a diamond with excellent light performance. A lower ct diamond with excellent light performance will look bigger and brighter than a higher ct diamond with average light performance. Ask Isaac to demonstrate this for you. It's actually pretty cool seeing how much of an effect light performance has on a diamond. In summary, go to dimend SCAASI if you want to be absolutely positive you are getting the best possible cut quality within your budget range.

November 07, 2016
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