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We love selling diamonds, but before you buy one online...

Hey, you may get lucky and buy a diamond online that looks good.
Chances are, like many diamond shoppers, you are scanning the web for the best "deal" possible. More often than not, a cheap diamond is cheap for a reason. There are so many factors that affect a diamonds' value such as cloudiness of the rough material, green or brownish tint instead of the common yellow, inferior Cut quality--most GIA Excellent cut grades are not the highest light performers!, certifications other than GIA or AGS, nature and location of the inclusion/s within the diamond (are they centered, dark crystals that may be visible to the naked eye, are they reflective?), just to name a few.

Since 1997, dimend SCAASI Jeweler has established its position as a diamond expert, a pioneer in the field of Cut Performance analysis known and mastered by a handful of Jewelers.
Every customer who visits us expresses his or her desire to buy the most beautiful diamond they can afford. Sounds reasonable enough, but if the human eye isn't capable of telling reflection and refraction apart, then how can you be certain you are buying the best performing diamond available? What makes this even more difficult is that the Cut grade of Excellent given by the GIA is a wide range, allowing cutters to tweak a diamonds' proportions for higher yield thus compromising its light performance at your expense! 

If you haven't heard of the ASET scope, it is simply something you must see and learn about. The ASET scope is a 3 dimentional analysis tool designed to show light path within a diamond, leakage of light and, most importantly, reflected/refracted light & contrast. When you visit our store, you are given the tools to select one of our diamonds wisely based on their light performance, which your eyes alone may judge incorrectly.

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