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Different Engagement Ring Styles

Different Engagement Ring Styles

August 22, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

One of life’s most beautiful and treasured experiences is getting engaged. The cherry on top is the ideal engagement ring that is unique and beautiful! But it can be confusing to know which type or design to pick because there are so many different engagement ring styles available. The traditional guidelines are no longer relevant; today, it’s all about the individual and the engagement ring that captures their sense of style, and taste. There is a sparkler available for every price range. So whether you’re thinking about popping the question or need to give your significant other some shopping advice, keep reading our guide to all engagement ring designs.

About 50% of couples will spend less than $5,000, while 20% will spend more than $10,000, on their engagement rings. Jewelry typically accounts for 16.7% of a couple’s wedding budget, which is a higher percentage than any other aspect of the big day.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The most traditional type of engagement ring is a solitaire. Since there is only one stone in the arrangement, the word “solitaire” was chosen. A solitaire diamond is frequently set in a straightforward band with a prong or claw setting to highlight its beauty. A solitaire is a fantastic option for you if you have a straightforward and refined sense of style. You know you’ll always adore it because it is the kind of ring that endures fashion trends and time.

About 50% of couples will spend less than $5,000, while 20% will spend more than $10,000, on their engagement rings. Jewelry typically accounts for 16.7% of a couple’s wedding budget, which is a higher percentage than any other aspect of the big day.

The Classic Style Half Round Solitaire Engagement Rings

A twist on the conventional six-prong solitaire, the classic style half-round solitaire called Drea solitaire engagement ring from dimend Scaasi has a ring shank that is flat on the inside and rounded on the outside. It also has more exquisite prongs that give the ring a bit more flair. The ring can also be purchased with a tapered shank, which is approximately 1.8 mm wide at the bottom and tapers down to about 2 mm at the base of the prongs, or with a knife-edge shank, which has an outside edge that continues out to a point. This traditional style solitaire is offered in every version in a range of metals, including 18k white gold.

Classic Style Half Round Solitaire Engagement Rings

Cathedral Solitaire Style Engagement Rings

Engagement rings in the cathedral solitaire style offer diamond buyers a different style of solitaire ring that incorporates an A-frame structure into the ring shank so that the outer edges of the ring rise on two sides of the center stone, as seen in the 14k Rose Gold Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring, this ring shape is available in a variety of metals, including the currently fashionable 14k Rose gold. Rose gold looks fantastic with diamonds of all hues, but it appears particularly lovely with diamonds that have a warmer appearance due to the pink gold’s softer, cozier aspect. Additionally, it looks stunning when combined with a range of colored jewels, especially those that feature-rich pink, red, and purple.

What is Cathedral Solitaire Style Engagement Ring?

Bezel Set Solitaire Style Engagement Ring

Bezel set solitaire style engagement rings are an additional well-liked option, particularly for those who work in the medical industry because the typical diamond prongs have a propensity to stick up and rip the gloves that they wear all day long. The stone is in a half-bezel solitaire, which exposes half of the girdle edge and covers only half of the stone’s outer edge. Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring is a perfect example of this.

What is Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring?

Pave Engagement Ring

Pave settings are a lovely option to customize an engagement ring. In this method, small diamonds or other stones are inserted inside the ring’s band. As a result, the ring appears to shine on your finger and catches more light. A popular option is to add your partner’s or child’s birthstone in place of some of the diamonds to give the design a special twist. Pave rings have a delicate, feminine appearance that quickly draws attention to a plain ring. Shop Pave Engagement Ring

What is Pave Diamond Engagement Ring?

Halo Engagement Rings

One of the most popular engagement ring styles is the halo. That’s because it creates a dazzling shimmer while letting the center stone shine. A row of smaller pavé-set diamonds creates a border or halo around the central stone. The halo stones reflect light onto the center stone, making it seem even more brilliant and sparkly. A halo setting is a gorgeous way to set off a beautiful white diamond or help a more modest stone look larger. It can also provide a stunning contrast if you choose a color gem for the center stone, like a sapphire, ruby, morganite, or pink diamond. Shop Halo Engagement Rings

What is Halo Diamond Engagement Ring?

Shaped Shank Engagement Rings

Altering the shank, or band, of an engagement ring, is one of the simplest methods to make it unique. Although there are many other styles, the split-shank is among the most well-liked. On either side of the center stone, the ring’s band splits in half, creating a tiny gap. A bigger separation provides a ring with an ancient feel, especially if it is set with pavé diamonds. The place where the shank splits can produce a wide variety of patterns. A smaller split, on the other hand, is a subtle method to amplify the appearance of the central stone. Shop Shaped Shank Engagement Rings

Browse Shaped Shank Engagement Ring

Three-stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings, also referred to as the “trilogy” form, is a remarkably passionate option. That is due to the three stones’ symbolic nature. Tradition has it that they stand for “you, me, and us,” or “the past, the present, and the future.” Depending on the size, type, and shape of the stones used, trilogy rings are quite adaptable. Having a huge center diamond and two smaller surrounding stones or three medium-sized stones of similar size is a common choice. Using a color gem as the central stone and adding diamond edging to it is a contemporary interpretation of the trilogy style. Whatever you choose, this design is both beautiful and meaningful.

The three stones can also be interpreted to stand for friendship, love, fidelity, or even take on religious meaning. They traditionally represent the past, present, and future of a partnership. Shop Three-stone Engagement Rings

What is Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Antique or Vintage Engagement Rings

Jewelry that is considered vintage often has a 30-year age limit. The 1920s and 1930s Art Deco eras have seen a significant increase in the demand for vintage engagement rings. These rings are not only expertly made, but they have also endured the test of time. An Art Deco piece is brash, angular, and shamelessly dramatic. A vintage engagement ring from this era would be adored by those who like vintage glitz and style. Shop Vintage Engagement Rings

What is an Antique or Vintage Engagement Ring?

Sidestones Engagement Rings

Small diamonds or gemstones called side stones are displayed next to a bigger center diamond or gemstone to improve the overall appearance of the ring. The addition of side stones to an engagement ring is a straightforward way to make your ring stand out from the crowd. After all, more bling makes any sort of ring set look better. Whether your ring is a straightforward solitaire or a unique, one-of-a-kind design, adding side stones will make it shine. Shop Sidestones Engagement Rings

What is Sidestones Engagement Ring?

Hidden Accent Engagement Ring

In a hidden halo setting, the center diamond sits directly on top of an accessory diamond halo. The end product is a ring that is stunning when seen from above and is certain to make an impression when seen from various angles. Still, there are many diverse designs to choose from, such as single concealed stones embedded into each side to arching baskets decked out in brilliance. Shop Hidden Accent Engagement Ring

What is Hidden Accent Engagement Ring?

Floral Engagement Ring Style

A particular style of cluster diamond ring is the flower engagement ring. In contrast to solitaire settings, which feature a single diamond, flower engagement rings include a sizable center stone surrounded by several lesser diamonds arranged in a floral arrangement. This distinguishes flower engagement rings from other settings and provides them with a traditional, distinctive look. The central stone of the ring and the surrounding cluster of lesser diamonds may appear and feel larger than they are. Flower engagements can stand out from the crowd and draw a lot of attention because of their distinctive design. They frequently have a particular, obvious brilliance and a great deal of presence because of the numerous smaller stones that are positioned around the core stone. Shop Floral Engagement Rings

What is Floral Engagement Ring?

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