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Oh Lovely Little Oval, Where’s She Gonna Go

Oh Lovely Little Oval, Where’s She Gonna Go

February 14, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

A Personal Story from the Couple

“We were so happy to photograph Eva and Tom’s stunning 3ct oval cut solitaire engagement with their diamond SCAASI ring! Craig Park would be the ideal setting for their engagement photos because of Eva’s Greek heritage and her residence in Tarpon Springs. We are very excited about the wedding of this adorable couple in September at St. Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church! Best wishes to this lovely couple.

Here's a look at her new diamond ring 💍 A timeless 3ct oval cut solitaire engagement ring set in yellow gold
Oh lovely little Oval, where’s she gonna go

Couldn’t be more excited ― Eva Shontz

Why Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring was Selected?

What Makes this 3ct Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring so Special?

This exclusive design is a modern revision of our popular Alessandra engagement ring. For Erica, we rotated the orientation of the prongs so that they flow seamlessly into the shoulders of the ring, giving the appearance of a band that perfectly tapers from the band up towards the center stone. Any shape diamond can be set into this setting.

How come Oval Solitaire Diamond Rings are so Popular These Days?

The diamond positioned in the center of a solitaire ring is the center of attention thanks to its timeless beauty. Undoubtedly, one of the most common possibilities is this kind of setup. They are less ostentatious and subtle than other of the more popular modern jewelry trends, but they are timeless pieces of jewelry that will never go out of style. Browse all the Oval Engagement Rings and choose the one that fits your budget. We have hundreds of mined oval cut diamonds and lab-grown oval diamonds.

Here are some Oval Diamond Rings That Are Hugely Popular

Who would have thought that Craig Park, FL would look so Beautiful

Craig Park, which has a view of Spring Bayou and is shaded, in Tarpon Springs’ cultural center. The town’s initial settler in the 19th century was drawn by the calm waters of the Bayou. One of the popular locations in town for engagements is Craig Park. Couples love to create memories here because of the construction’s beach-inspired design.

Who would have thought that Craig Park, FL would look so Beautiful
Beautiful Engagement Day Photo Shoot
She said yes to the beautiful 3ct oval cut solitaire diamond ring

Why are We Seen as the Best Jeweler in Chicago?

Get A Free Ring Sizer For The Ring

We offer free ring sizers to make it easier to choose a ring size for your partner

dimend SCAASI Jeweler offers a free finger sizer. You can request a finger sizer from us on our website. Wider rings usually translate to needing a larger finger size than a thin ring. There isn’t a formula for this, but in general, depending on the width, the finger size will need to be ¼ – ½ larger if the band is wide and you were sized with a thin finger sizer. Comfort fit also makes a band fit larger. We are one of the best jewelry stores with three decades of experience and 1000s of reviews.

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