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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to the questions our customers ask most frequently. You may also contact a Diamond & Jewelry Expert with your questions at
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About Lab Grown Diamonds


Are lab grown diamonds different from mined diamonds?

Mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are identical -- chemically, physically, & optically. Only the origin is different! One is grown above ground, and the other is grown underground.


Are lab grown diamonds different than diamond-like simulant materials?

YES. Our lab grown diamonds are 100% diamond in every way. Simulants such as Cubic Zirconium, Moissanite and diamond-coated materials are in no way a diamond – the reason they cost much less. Online companies selling lab-created gems often misrepresent their product as a diamond. Ours are type IIa which are the rarest and most valued of all real diamonds. Less than 2% of the world's diamonds are Type IIa! Diamonds are categorized into four types: Type Ia, Type Ib, Type IIa, and Type IIb. Diamonds that are IIa contain no measurable amount of nitrogen in the crystal structure. This impurity is what imparts a tint to “would be” colorless diamonds.


Why should I choose a lab grown diamond?

The most important aspects of a lab grown diamond is that no eco-systems are being destroyed and no one is being killed to make a profit. Lab grown diamonds also cost less 30-50%+ less than mined diamonds -- so you save money while obtaining the most sparkly material on the planet. While a diamond certainly still holds value, times change and so do people’s perception of what holds value. Experiences have become much more valued in modern society, so our customers think of all the amazing money they saved to put towards a honeymoon!


Why are lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds separated into different categories?

While physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, the main difference is in the pricing. Large rough diamond miners claim that mined diamonds are rare. This claim places a controlled pricing onto mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are free of this price control and are more rare than mined diamonds! Bain & Company reports about 133 million carats are mined each year. So how rare are natural diamonds really?


How are lab grown diamonds grown?

Lab-grown diamonds are grown by 1 of 2 processes: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). With HPHT, the technicians place a diamond “seed” (a small portion of a diamond crystal) into a graphite box which then simulates nature by applying high amounts of heat and pressure, melting the graphite into pure carbon and thus, creating a larger diamond crystal. In the other process, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), a material is deposited from a gas (usually a mixture of hydrogen and methane), onto a diamond plate. A chemical reaction then takes place, producing deposits that grow onto the diamond plate. These processes take on average a few weeks to grow a rough diamond crystal ready for cutting.


How long have lab grown diamonds been around?

Since the 1950s! At first, they weren’t gem quality to set into jewelry but were mostly used for industrial cutting, because diamond is so hard. It has taken decades to perfect the process to grow gem quality diamonds which meet natural diamonds in terms of desirability and size.


How are lab grown diamonds priced compared to mined diamonds?

Typically, lab grown diamonds cost 30-50% less than mined diamonds but this savings increases as the rarity of a diamond increases in carat, color and clarity.


Do your lab grown diamonds come with certification?

Absolutely! Our lab grown diamonds come with certificates from the International Gem Institute (IGI) or the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL). Below is a link to an article showing that IGI and GIA are just as strict in their grading: http://www.diamonds.net/News/NewsItem.aspx?ArticleID=43417 GCAL is a more scientific certificate: http://www.gemfacts.com/


Why are your lab grown diamonds not certified by GIA?

GIA’s grading for lab grown diamonds is extremely general. For example, a lab grown diamond that is H color and VS1 clarity, would be graded as “near colorless” and “very slightly” included. We can’t sell to our customers like this – we need a specific color and clarity grade for pricing and authenticity. However, each and every diamond we sell can be certified by GIA upon request.


lab grown diamonds appraised the same as mined diamonds?

Yes. Whether it is a lab grown or mined diamond, they are appraised in the same exact way – inflated for insurance purposes in case of market increases for replacement.


How is the resale value of lab grown diamonds compared to mined diamonds?

The same as a mined diamond in that you will be offered about 40-60% less than current market value of your diamond. Reason being, retailers can buy most anything at wholesale prices, so they need to purchase it for less to make it worth their while. If there is a need for you to sell your lab grown diamond, we eliminate the need to sell it elsewhere. Inquire with us for more information.


Why should I choose dimend SCAASI over other lab grown companies?

We are experts in the lab grown field. We at dimend SCAASI take the time to evaluate numerous diamonds, choosing only the best lab grown diamonds for our customers. We also have incredible designs to set the diamonds into and offer custom designs at no additional charge.

About Our Store


Do you have a Retail location?

Yes, our Chicago Jewelry store was established in 1997. We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment to see us, but you are welcome to visit anytime during our business hours.


Is the Chicago location your only location?

dimend SCAASI’s only location is in the downtown Loop area of Chicago, Illinois on Jeweler’s Row at 5 S. Wabash, Suite 1734 (17th floor). 

To schedule an appointment click here or for general inquiries, call us at 312.857.1700 or email us.


Do you require an appointment?

We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment. Doing this will allow our sales representatives to prepare diamonds or gemstones in your budget range and according to your specifications. This also ensures someone is available to help with your questions and show you diamonds and rings from our cases. However, we are able to accommodate walk-ins into our store and will do our best to accommodate you.


How long has dimend SCAASI been in business?

dimend SCAASI Jeweler was established in 1997 in Chicago. Our location remains the same at the Mallers Building in downtown Chicago.


What sets you apart from other jewelers?

Diamonds are our specialty; we are leading experts in the field of Light Performance analysis in diamonds, which is hardly practiced by any Jeweler. Ours is an eye-openning experience as we demonstrate to our clients how to differentiate Excellent cuts by utilizing AGS ASET scope.
We pride ourselves on our design creativity and the high quality craftsmanship through use of CAD and 3-D technologies.

Our customer service is the reason why our clients keep referring their friends and families to us. We are prompt to respond to emails, chats and requests, service requests and repairs.

Maintenance, Care and Insurance


Do you offer free cleaning?

Yes, in fact, your first year's maintenance and care is free which also includes repairs and sizing (Tension & Eternity rings excluded).


Do you insure Jewelry?

Although dimend SCAASI does not insure Jewelry, we provide you with an Appraisal which can be used to obtain insurance coverage. We recommend Jewelers Mutual, a highly regarded, dedicated Jewelry insurance company open since 1913.


Do you provide insurance appraisals?

With each new purchase, dimend SCAASI Jeweler creates an appraisal for your jewelry item. This is the paperwork you will need when you insure your jewelry.

Sales Information


What is your return policy?

Your online purchase can be returned for a full refund with in 30 days of receiving your merchandise. We will provide you with a free return label. In-store purchases and custom orders are only eligible for exchange or store credit.


Do you have an upgrade policy?

For Mined Diamonds:
Our Ideal and Excellent Cut Grade mined round diamonds can be upgraded at full market value* towards a replacement of at least 2X or greater value. Simply send or bring your diamond to us with its original certification report, choose your new diamond and then pay the difference.

Switching from a Mined Diamond to a Lab Grown Diamond:
dimend SCAASI now offers lab grown diamonds through NUMINED. Round natural diamonds are eligible for upgrade to a NUMINED lab grown diamond at your natural diamond's current market value*. The purchase price of the new lab grown diamond must be at least 2X the value of your original mined diamond purchase price.

For Lab Grown Diamonds:
Our lab grown diamonds can be upgraded towards a replacement of at least 2X or greater value. Simply bring in or send your diamond to us with its original Lab report and choose your new diamond, then pay the difference. In the event of market decline, your diamond will retain comparable retail value towards the upgrade. Full market value is to be no greater than the original purchase price.


Do you have pieces I can buy and leave with same day?

Our store does have a wide selection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that you can pay for and leave with same day. With wedding bands, if it can be sized and it is in the correct style and metal you want, we can usually deliver the piece from our cases. Concerning engagement rings, the styles in our cases are samples that we place orders off of with our workshops. We like to start from scratch for your finger size and metal requirements and for your stone shape and carat weight. It’s better for the integrity of the ring.


What about a ring box and Jewelry cleaner?

We provide a complementary dimend SCAASI ring box. Jewelry cleaner is available for $10.


What if she didn't like the ring and diamond I chose for her?

Our customers are our top priority! We believe a woman should wear a ring and diamond she loves. Our rings can be exchanged with full credit towards any of the rings we sell within 30 days (custom designs excluded), so rest assured she will end up with the ring of her dreams to wear for many years to come. Our round diamonds can be exchanged with full credit anytime, whether a week or 5 or 20 years after purchase. Consider this when assessing which store is best suited to gain your trust and business.


If I have a diamond, can I still buy a ring from dimend SCAASI?

Absolutely. When purchasing a setting alone, our shopping cart system will ask for your diamond's shape and measurements, then we'll create your new ring to fit your diamond perfectly. We can also set your diamond for a fee starting at $150.
If a setting created for a customer's existing diamond or gemstone is not set by dimend SCAASI, the setting is non-returnable and the warranty is void.



Some of your competitors offer diamonds and rings for less. How competitive is dimend SCAASI?

When buying a diamond, there are many factors affecting the price. dimend SCAASI Jeweler offers only GIAAGS & IGI certified diamonds, which are strictly graded to assure best value for our clients. 
Our rings are handcrafted individually to fit your new diamond and finger size, by utilizing the latest in CAD design and 3-D printing.

This results in superior quality to withstand your lifestyle for years to come, but costs more to produce. The way we see it, you get engaged once and so we spare no expense in our efforts to create the best quality rings available.


Are all of your diamonds from your website available to view in person at your store?

dimend SCAASI hand-picked our vendors to upload their inventory onto our website from all over the world. This allows us to offer a huge selection of diamonds in every shape, color, clarity, and cut grade to our customers. For viewing diamonds in our store, we are limited to what is locally accessible through our local vendors and our own inventory. This means that when you come in, we will have a wide variety to show you, but not every single diamond shown on our website.


What does Online Price Exclusive mean?

In order for us to compete with online sellers who do not spend time in-person with their clients, we have teamed with a few world renowned diamond cutters. You will find the prices of our Online Exclusive collection very competitive and they are available to purchase through our secured shopping cart system.


Can I place a hold on a diamond you offer?

dimend SCAASI Jeweler is a stress-free no pressure environment. Our diamonds are available as first-come first-served basis. If you like a diamond you see listed on our site, buy it with confidence -- you are always welcome to swap it for another diamond we offer without a loss.


Are your diamonds conflict free?

dimend SCAASI, as well as the global diamond community, has zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We fully support the Kimberly Process which tracks diamonds from mine to market. At dimend SCAASI, we only purchase diamonds from the most respected diamond suppliers who, like us, enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process.  All dimend SCAASI diamonds are warranted to be conflict free.  We also offer a lab grown diamond line through our sister company, NUMINED diamonds.


What does the term "eye clean diamond" mean?

Eye clean is an industry term which means that if you hold a diamond 10 inches away from you, facing up, and you cannot see inclusions, then it is eye clean.


How do I know the diamond I receive is the one I purchased?

For your protection and safety, most of our diamonds are laser inscribed with your certificate number, which is viewable under magnification on the Girdle of your diamond.


It looks like there's a crack on the side of my diamond

We often have customers asking about a visible "crack" in their diamond on the profile view -- a white "line" 1/3 of the way up from the very bottom of the diamond. This is not a crack or an inclusion. This line is called a "girdle reflection". The pavilion of the diamond acts as an internal mirror and is reflecting the girdle. This appears in almost every diamond shape so there is no cause for concern.



What other services does my purchase come with?

Our one year free maintenance comes with every purchase - Cleaning, Polishing and Sizing (free sizing is not available for Tension Rings, Eternity Bands and engraved bands). You also get to take advantage of our Upgrade program.


Does dimend SCAASI offer Custom designs?

dimend SCAASI Jeweler is a designer of fine Jewelry in Chicago. Since most of our pieces start out with CAD technology, we can accommodate most requests. Our fee for CAD creations starts at $350 and up, depending on the complexity of the piece.

dimend SCAASI does not duplicate designer pieces out of respect to other designers' intellectual property.


What does your warranty cover?

dimend SCAASI Jeweler offers warranty covering manufacturing defects for life -- which differs than wear and tear. Please be advised that if another jeweler works on our pieces, it voids the warranty with us as we cannot be responsible for another jeweler’s work.


How can I figure out ring size? For him? For her?

dimend SCAASI Jeweler offers free finger sizer. You can request a finger sizer from us on our website. Wider rings usually translate to needing a larger finger size than a thin ring. There isn’t a formula for this, but in general, depending on the width, the finger size will need to be ¼ - ½ larger if the band is wide and you were sized with a thin finger sizer. Comfort fit also makes a band fit larger.


Can I purchase a setting without the main diamond if I already have one?

Our settings require the exact dimensions of your diamond, so we will need you to provide us with the certificate that came with your center diamond. From here, you can either have us set the center stone for a fee, or take it to a reputable jeweler of your choice.  If another jeweler works on our pieces, then it voids the warranty with us since we cannot be responsible for another jeweler’s work.


Does dimend SCAASI buy jewelry not purchased from its store?

We do not buy back jewelry because we do not sell previously worn items. dimend SCAASI Jeweler is a custom design house so everything we create starts from scratch. However, if you have gold you wish to sell, we can give you a very fair scrap value for the gold based on the daily market.

Payments & Shipping


When do I pay?

Payment is due upfront on all orders. If you wish to only pay the CAD fee to get an order started, the fee is $350. If you wish to proceed from there, this amount is applied towards your total. For this type of transaction, the remaining amount is due on approval of the CAD images to proceed with production. dimend SCAASI Jeweler reserves the right to all CAD design work - we regret we cannot transfer the original CAD production file.


What forms of payment does dimend SCAASI Jeweler accept?

dimend SCAASI accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, bank wire, cash, and check (personal and cashier). We can also receive payment through Paypal and Google checkout. Lastly, we offer financing options through Synchrony Bank.


Can I save money if I pay with a check or cash?

Yes! You have the option to save 2% by paying with check or cash.


Do you offer layaway?

We do not offer layaway plans.


Do you offer financing?

We offer financing through Synchrony Bank. You will need to fill out an application for us to run and they will determine what financing amount you will receive. When approved, the available financing plan are: 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months. From time to time, extended length of payments are offered. Please check with us what plans are available today.


What method of shipping does dimend SCAASI Jeweler use?

dimend SCAASI ships mostly via FedEx Priority Overnight. All packages are fully insured for the value of the item shipped and require an adult signature to receive the package. FedEx HOLD location is also an option since they require a form of ID upon picking up. Some locations may require the use of the USPS, such as APO addresses depending on the exact location.


What is the cost of shipping?

Cost of shipping is determined on the insurance value of the item being shipped. Shipping within the United States is typically a flat rate of $50. Orders above 20,000 USD may incur additional charge. International shipping will be quoted based on order value and destination.

Privacy & Security


What is your privacy policy and how secure is your site?

A. We at dimend SCAASI Jeweler take your privacy very seriously! We will never sell any information to anyone. Period! We protect your sensitive information by utilizing the latest Secure Sockets Layer encryption processes.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for detailed information.

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