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A ring is not complete without a diamond. Browse our selection of GIA certified mined diamonds.


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buy loose diamonds both natural and lab-grown at our chicago showroom

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Please contact us to speak to a diamond specialist to help you find the perfect diamond.

About Loose Mined Diamonds

Yes! Our mined diamonds are predominantly certified by the GIA. Diamond certification is essential for several reasons. It verifies the authenticity and specific characteristics of a diamond, instilling confidence in buyers. The certification provides an objective assessment of the diamond's quality, allowing buyers to make informed decisions and compare diamonds accurately. It also helps determine the value of the diamond based on its grading, making it valuable for resale or insurance purposes. We offer both mined and Lab-Grown Diamonds.

The ideal diamond size for an engagement ring depends on personal preferences, budget, and the recipient's style. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some may prefer a smaller, more understated diamond, while others may desire a larger, more eye-catching centerpiece. Factors such as finger size, hand shape, and lifestyle should also be considered. It's important to find a balance between size and quality, ensuring that the diamond exhibits excellent cut, clarity, color, and overall brilliance. Ultimately, the "right" diamond size is the one that holds meaning and brings joy to the wearer, reflecting their unique taste and personality. A good starting point may be a mined 1 carat diamonds. Size does seem to matter with diamonds but find a good balance between size and quality to fit your budget. Questions? Visit us in our downtown Chicago store for in-person guidance.

Browse additional carat weights:
  1. Mined 1.5 carat diamonds
  2. Mined 2 carat diamonds

  3. Lab grown diamonds in similar carat weights:
  4. Lab Grown 1.5 carat diamonds
  5. Lab Grown 2 carat diamonds

The most consistently popular diamond shape is the round cut diamond. Round diamonds are a classic and continue to remain popular over the years. Their brilliance and brightness outshines all other cuts.

The guideline of spending three months' salary on a diamond engagement ring is a traditional suggestion that has been promoted by the diamond industry. However, it's important to note that this guideline is not a hard and fast rule, and there is no set requirement for how much you should spend on a diamond. The amount you choose to invest in an engagement ring should be based on your personal financial situation, budget, and priorities. It's more important to find a ring that fits within your means and holds sentimental value rather than adhering strictly to a specific spending guideline. Ultimately, the value of the ring should be determined by the love and commitment it represents, rather than the price tag attached to it. Our customers love our diamonds as reflected in their reviews. We'd love to assist you in finding a perfect diamond ring.