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Pear Shaped Engagement Ring For My GirlFriend

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring For My GirlFriend

January 22, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

“It’s true! Engaged on 12/18. It’s a cosmic wonder that our paths ended up crossing when they did. Could not dream of a better partner, and I am so excited to share this life with you.” On a stunning fall day in the city of Chicago, a unique pear shaped engagement ring was presented to Annie. The leaves were all orange and swayed in the wind. The day was perfect for saying “yes!” A pear shaped diamond ring is a great option for someone who wants a non-traditional ring that still has a classic feel.

Yes, you can certainly propose to your girlfriend with a pear shaped engagement ring
If you think a pear-shaped engagement ring is a good fit for her style and taste, then it would be a thoughtful and romantic choice for a proposal

Cosmic Wonder that Our Paths Ended Up Crossing ― Annie Sauter

What Diamond Ring was Selected?

What Makes this Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Special?

Another exclusive dimend SCAASI signature style, Raquelle features French pave set diamonds in all the right places! Look at the profile of Raquelle & try not to gasp when you see what we’ve done — we suspended the center stone above the diamond-studded bridge, creating an open gallery that lets in a ton of light. Then, just beneath the tips of the prongs, we added a hidden halo of sideways-facing diamonds. To complete this sparkling engagement style, we pave set diamonds three-quarters around the band to make sure you always have diamonds showing — even if the ring rotates.

What makes Side Stone Rings with Pear-cut Diamond as Center Stone Special?

This particular style of the ring consists of a single, bigger ring that is encircled by a series of smaller stones that are set around the ring’s sides. They are exquisitely sophisticated, making them ideal for married couples who want designs that are less ornate but still maintain an air of refined sophistication.

Here are Some More Side-Stone Rings that We Recommend.

Is Alfred Caldwell Lincoln Lily Pool a Good Place for Proposals?

Lake Mary is one of the most romantic locations to declare your love to that particular someone because of its summertime atmosphere. Warm breezes are blowing, little boats can be seen navigating the water, and people are lounging in the sunshine. It has a great ambiance and offers lots of opportunities to capture treasured memories.

 Alfred Caldwell Lincoln Lily Pool is a Good Place for Proposals in Chicago

Why are We Seen as the Best Jeweler in Chicago?

custom engagement ring from the trusted jeweler in Chicago

Get a Custom Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend that’s Unique and Feminine

When you look at dimend SCAASI Jeweler you will find many designs that you won’t see anywhere else. In addition to our original in-house designs, we bring in the work of designers whose work we respect and admire. If you have a dream piece in mind that you cannot find anywhere then let us make it a reality for you. We pride ourselves on our flawless custom design utilizing the latest CAD and 3D Jewelry printing technology to assure superior quality. We also have our products listed on our online jewelry store on Instagram

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