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Proposal by Lovely Lake with A Square Halo Engagement Ring

Proposal by Lovely Lake with A Square Halo Engagement Ring

August 16, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

Rend Lake in Illinois is an excellent place for a proposal, especially if you have a square halo engagement ring in mind. The beautiful and tranquil setting of the lake provides a romantic backdrop for a proposal, while the unique design of the square halo engagement ring adds an extra touch of elegance and glamour to the occasion

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A Personal Story from the Couple

Katey and Patric were enjoying a sunny day in Chicago when they decided to take a walk along the shores of Lake Rend. As they strolled hand in hand, admiring the breathtaking views of the lake, Patric suddenly dropped to one knee and proposed to Katey. Overwhelmed with emotion, Katey couldn’t believe what was happening.

As Patric opened the small box he held in his hand, Katey gasped in amazement at the sight of the beautiful diamond ring inside. It was a dimend SCAASI ring, known for its intricate and stylish details. The diamond was set in a sparkling band of precious metal and surrounded by smaller diamonds that added an extra touch of sparkle and glamour.

All of the Love! ― Katey

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Which Square Halo Engagement Ring was Chosen for the Proposal?

Square halo engagement rings feature a central diamond or gemstone surrounded by smaller gems in a square-shaped setting. The halo effect makes the focal stone look bigger and brighter than it actually is. Many people who want to stand out from the crowd opt for this square-shaped halo because of the slight twist it brings to the classic style.

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What makes this particular Square Halo Engagement Ring special?

Elegance abounds in our Elliana engagement ring. This classic cathedral style ring features a French Pave set diamond shank and a unique ‘waterfall’ style halo with two rows of petite pave set diamonds that sparkle from any angle.

What are the main reasons that make white gold Square Halo Engagement Rings so popular in the market?

Square halo engagement rings and white gold metal have risen a lot in popularity. To begin with, their unconventional square shape makes the ring look fresh and contemporary, perfect for the individualist. The smaller diamonds in the halo around the larger center stone reflect more light, making the diamond appear brighter and bigger than it actually is. The biggest advantage of white gold is that the whole band is silvery in shade, and it does not affect the color of the center stone. Also, it is more durable than yellow gold. White gold also tends to be a shinier and more cost-effective option.

Square halo engagement rings and white gold metal
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What is the significance of White Gold Engagement Rings among couples?

Couples today often choose white gold engagement rings for their versatility and classic style. With its pure white color, white gold is associated with cutting-edge fashion and great durability and resistance to scratching. It’s great for everyday use. Plus, its neutral color highlights the diamond, ensuring it remains a timeless option. White gold engagement rings symbolize love and loyalty, promising everlasting devotion.

Check out a few Similar Rings.

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Is Rend Lake, Located in Illinois, a Good Place to Get Engaged?

Rend Lake offers a breathtaking setting for proposals with its calm waters and surrounding green fields. The peaceful and serene environment creates a picture-perfect moment as the couple stands out in contrast against the beautiful scenery. This stunning location makes for an unforgettable and romantic proposal that will be treasured forever.

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Why are We Considered Chicago’s Best Diamond Jeweler?

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