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Engagement Rings Near Me on Jewelers Row in Chicago

Engagement Rings Near Me on Jewelers Row in Chicago

January 17, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

Jewelers Row Engagement Ring

If you are searching “engagement rings near me” or “buying engagement ring near me” or “diamonds near me” then our store on Jewelers row in Chicago, IL should be on your checklist. Jewelers row in Chicago is known for the trade of amazing and stunning pieces of jewelry, diamonds and gold trade spanning back over 100 years. Jeweler’s row is located on Wabash Avenue between East Washington Street and East Monroe Street, Jewelers Row is home to many jewelers and dealers.

The architectural landscape of Jewelers Row embodies the rich history and evolution of Chicago’s mercantile design. Within this area, you’ll find a captivating blend of buildings that reflect various eras. From the loft manufacturing buildings that emerged after the Chicago Fire to the towering skyscrapers of the twentieth century, and the stylish Art Deco commercial structures, the vicinity is a testament to the city’s architectural journey. Moreover, in addition to its remarkable jewelry stores, this bustling loop area is also home to stunning millennium parks and museums.

Jewelers Row gained fame in 1872 and emerged as the heart of Chicago’s hub of manufacturing diamond jewelry and watches. And even if you need repairing or resizing for these accessories jewelers row is your go-to place.

Jewelry Near Me – Buy Engagement Ring on Jewelers Row

If you’re eager to impress your soulmate with an unforgettable proposal but find yourself perplexed about where to discover the ideal ring, let Jewelers Row dispel your confusion. With nearly 200 exquisite stores located on this renowned row, you’ll find an abundance of options to choose from. As mentioned earlier, this vibrant loop area is known for producing the finest diamond rings. Here, not only can you explore a wide range of designs, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the competitive price points available.

Why Shop on Jewelers Row Chicago?

When purchasing engagement rings and exquisite jewelry, it is important to carefully plan your budget. Many shoppers faced with budget constraints often find themselves settling for undesired designs or foregoing a purchase altogether. Especially when the ring holds sentimental value as a special gift, there is no room for oversight. However, at Jewelers Row, a wide array of designs awaits, catering to various price ranges. Rest assured, you will not leave empty-handed as they offer some of the most exceptional rings at brilliant prices.

There is no shortage of stores, as mentioned above this diamond district is home to around 200 jewelers. You can navigate, think, explore and then decide the best for you

Wabash Avenue in Jewelers Row Chicago is a great place if you are searching jewelry stores near me on google

Also, we know that mining diamonds disturb mother earth. But, no worries, in this loop you can even find eco-friendly diamonds. Sounds impractical? NO! There are lab-grown diamonds available grown by either the HPHT or CVD processes.

The diamonds available do not have any type of quality issues. They are certified original products.

So the next time you are in Chicago, visit this historic site and fall in love with the sight. You can even shop from the top stores of jewelers row online

Top Jewelry Stores To Buy An Engagement Ring in Jewelers Row Chicago

Navigating through the multitude of stores in this bustling Chicago district can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack when searching for the perfect engagement ring. To alleviate this confusion and provide clarity on where to shop in Jewelers Row, this article presents the top-rated jeweler in downtown Chicago.

Dimend SCAASI is rated as the best jeweler by customer reviews and is considered to be the most trusted jeweler as well. Please check their 800+ reviews on Google and Yelp.

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The Best Jeweler In Downtown Chicago

Situated at 5 South Wabash Ave in downtown Chicago, Dimend SCAASI stands as one of the most reliable and esteemed jewelers in the area. Since its establishment in 1997, this reputable establishment has been skillfully crafting and capturing invaluable emotions in the form of exquisite jewelry for over 27 years. Their collection of sophisticated and breathtaking designs, specifically tailored for weddings and engagements, is truly awe-inspiring.

Founded by Isaac Gottesman, dimend SCAASI is not limited to exorbitant customers, but it’s a center of mesmerizing designs at an accessible price.

With meticulous attention to detail, the rings offered at this establishment are perfect for auspicious occasions, creating a warm and inviting shopping experience. From elegant solitaire settings to captivating vintage styles, there is an abundance of lovable designs to choose from, making the shopping process effortlessly stylish.

best jewelry stores near me selling diamonds
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Love and proposals hold a significant place in the journey of every individual, and finding the perfect ring can make everything absolutely perfect. This holiday season, if you are planning to surprise your soulmate, Dimend SCAASI should be your first choice. Their collection of classic and solitaire engagement rings is bound to create an awe-inspiring moment that will be cherished forever.

The store staff exemplifies exceptional courtesy, friendliness, and politeness. If you find yourself unsure about which ring would best suit you or if you’re shopping for someone special and seeking that perfect smile-inducing piece, rest assured. The personal assistant at the store will be there to assist you in every circumstance, offering their expertise without hesitation or complaint.

best jewelry shop near me in downtown Chicago
best diamond jeweler and jewelry store near me in Chicago

Besides, if you want to customize your diamonds or surprise your loved one with a unique design, Dimend SCAASI is always there to help you. Radiating emotion with custom design dazzling stone is beyond merriness.

Around 800 authentic customer experiences and reviews are available on Google and Yelp.

For a more scrupulous indignation, you can also visit Chicago’s Jewelers’ Instagram.

You can book an appointment before visiting the store or can easily shop on their site.

Some Of The Eye-Catching Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings By Dimend SCAASI

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Hope this blog helps you understand why Jewelers Row Chicago is the best option for buying beautiful jewelry and diamonds. In case you are residing there and still have not visited this diamond beauty, you should go. And people who are far away can still have access to precious designs through online stores.

For personalized diamonds, you can always talk to the experts and gain help through personal assistance. Also read our blog on Why Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring from the Best Jewelry Store in Chicago?

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