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Should I Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring for my Girlfriend?

Should I Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring for my Girlfriend?

December 20, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

Engagement marks the beginning of an eternal love story. And we understand that it is a strenuous process to select an ideal engagement ring for your better half. As we all know, Gold has always been a popular choice for wedding and engagement rings because of its luster. It is available in three metal types- Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold.

According to recent research, the average amount a person spends for an engagement ring is $7,550.

So, it is suggested to invest wisely in the right piece. Therefore, we are here to assist you and help you decide on an engagement ring in a pocket-friendly manner.

The first step is to choose the metal type for the engagement ring, so let us go through it in detail.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is made up of 14K pure gold and 10 parts other alloys, mainly copper alloy. The higher the amount of copper, the reddish the metal appears. When mixed with silver or solid yellow gold, the color softens. Rose gold engagement rings are more popular in the US.

Rose gold is also referred to as red gold, pink gold, and sometimes Russian gold. The reason behind this is that rose gold was quite popular in Russia in the early 1800s.

Characteristic of a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold is popular for certain reasons. Even in modern times, rose gold rings exhilarate the vintage look. Along with pink gold and red gold, vintage rose gold is also gaining popularity over the decades.

As we know copper is the hardest metal, so the alloy of copper and gold responsible for carving the ring strengthens the ring to the core. This improves the durability of the ring, and it can be implemented in the daily wear routine.

The mellow texture of the ring makes it suitable for any skin tone. A bride can easily rely on a rose gold ring to dazzle her fingers on her special day.

Along with its appearance and strong composition, it also escalates romantic vibes. Rose itself is a symbol of love, the pink hue makes the ring preeminent.

In addition to the above characteristics, rose gold rings are available at an affordable price. Copper is an inexpensive metal, therefore the overall manufacturing of the ring costs less.

Pe are attracted to rose gold should consider one vital point before buying the ring: copper allergies. It’s quite rare yet some people are allergic to this metal, in this case, one should avoid rose gold jewelry.

Composition and Color of a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

It is pink-to-reddish in color, depending upon the amount of copper alloy used. Usually, the ring is 58% pure gold and the rest is copper. In the United States, the most common choice for manufacturing is 14K and 18K rose gold, with the 14K being the more prominent and popular choice.

Mostly, the customers want a pink hue ring so they go for a 14K rose gold engagement ring.

On the other hand, customers who are fans of both rose and yellow gold, go for 18K gold. 18K rose gold engagement ring is the perfect mixture of both colors, with a more elusive rose hue.

58% Pure gold
32% Copper
10% Silver metal alloy

Durability of a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold is highly durable due to its high Copper content and does not tarnish with age. They are suitable for daily wear and less prone to damage than yellow gold or white gold. Additionally, they do not require any rhodium plating at certain intervals. This makes rose gold a low-maintenance and highly durable metal.

Despite the above-mentioned facts, rose gold requires cleaning with a soft cloth. You should clean the ring once a week. If you prefer to wear your ring daily and perform tasks such as cooking, gardening, or other chores, then cleaning rose gold engagement rings is unavoidable.

Try cleaning your ring at home. Just mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap in warm water. Dip your ring in the solution and clean it with a soft cloth.

Can Rose Gold Engagement Rings be Resized?

Resizing the rose gold ring is difficult as it tends to crack easily due to its softness. Whereas resizing white gold and yellow gold is comparatively easy.


Why Should a Man Choose the Rose Gold Engagement Setting for Her Woman?

Rose gold is one of the most prominent rings.

The top 3 reasons a woman will fall in love with a rose gold engagement rings are as follows

Skin Sensitivity

As mentioned above, people with rare allergies should avoid rose gold rings, while those with nickel allergies can comfortably go for rose gold.

By Complexion

Rose gold appeals to almost every skin tone and looks beautiful if paired with other metals. White gold and platinum etiolate pale white skin, whereas rose gold enhances your overall look and makes your fingers appear gleamy.

However, women who have pink tones to their skin, especially on their fingers and hands may avoid rose gold rings, as it easily blends with the skin. Therefore, rose gold does not appear to be eye-catching.

By Profession

As it is less prone to damage and scratches, it is the best fit for working women with a subtle look that goes well with every Professional outfit. Women can carry rose gold engagement rings to work and boast around those classy rings.

What Celebrities are Wearing Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings?

Rose Gold Engagement Rings gained popularity when personalities like Blake Lively, Anna Camp, Whitney port, and many others chose rose gold for their engagement ring. According to research, approximately 16% of couples opt for Rose Gold metal. So, if you want to be a trendsetter with an antique appeal, then Rose Gold is the one for you.

blake lively engagement ring
anna camp engagement ring
Whitney port engagement ring

Here is a collection of a few beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Rings that might be perfect for you.

If you are still confused and want a gist of the article here is a quick summarized table of various types of gold that will help you make a perfect choice:


    • Is It Trendy?

    • Durablity

    • Maintenance

    • Allergic Reaction

    • Affordablity

    • Rose Gold

    • It is trendy among celebrities for its color

    • Most durable than both the other forms of gold due to its alloy with copper

    • Rough and tough use is permissible although cleaning is needed

    • Can Cause skin reactions

    • Expensive than White gold

    • White Gold

    • It is trendy for teenagers due to its sparkle

    • Most durable than the yellow gold

    • The white rhodium plate needs to be replaced every few years

    • Can cause skin Allergies

    • A little bit more expensive than the yellow Gold and rose Gold

    • Yellow Gold

    • It was historically very popular but now modern people feel its tacky

    • It is easily malleable thus, can break or dent easily

    • Needs to be polished and cleaned once in a while

    • No skin allergies

    • Afforadable to all income groups

Hopefully, now you are armed with all the knowledge you need to help you make all your decisions about the choice of ring. If you want modern jewelry that is exquisite but bright, then white gold is indisputable. If you are a vintage and traditional lover and want something that does not need much care, yellow gold is unrivaled. If you want something unique and divine, then rose gold is perfect.

No matter what jewelry you choose, nothing is more beautiful than the meaning behind it. Choose something that will be a representation of you and your partner’s love.

If you are still confused about what ring color to choose for your engagement ring, then we are here for to help you buy engagement rings. You can also browse the latest rose gold engagement rings on our Pinterest account . Happy Shopping!

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