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Unique Engagement Ring And Custom-Designed Jewelry

Unique Engagement Ring And Custom-Designed Jewelry

September 1, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

Welcome to dimend SCAASI, a studio for designing unique engagement rings and custom-designed jewelry that is situated at 5 S Wabash Ave STE 1734, Chicago. Although we are the most trusted jewelers and have over 25 years of experience designing and creating unique jewelry, we are most proud of our customer service. You are put first. Every piece of jewelry is unique and produced to order to fit your style, whether you require a custom jewelry design, a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with a vintage influence, or you want to restyle a priceless heirloom.

Custom Designed Jewelry And Unique Engagement Ring

For more than three decades, dimend SCAASI has produced wedding bands and engagement rings. We specialize in customization and communication, and we provide Vintage, Classic, and Modern styles. To design the ideal ring for each particular client, we combine cutting-edge technology with centuries-old processes while making rings. All of our wedding bands are custom-made by us in a range of designs and materials. Each item is expertly created, paying close attention to every last detail. Your ring will be the most significant jewelry item you ever own thanks to our distinctive designs and first-rate service.

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Bespoke Jewelry Centuries In The Making: Unique Originals

Since the beginning, we have been producing unique pieces of art at our studio. Every piece of jewelry, from custom couture to engagement rings, starts with a vision in mind. The inspiration for many of our items comes from our customers, but we are also moved to design pieces or choose particular gemstones from our collection. In all situations, we make an effort to respect the raw materials and produce one-of-a-kind works that beautifully and durably display these components. They cannot be copied since they are original pieces of art.

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Unique Jewelry Designed To Last A Lifetime

Our creations are indeed custom jewelry since they start with a discussion. To give you professional diamond guidance and a wholly customized experience in a one-of-a-kind jewelry store, we get to know who you are and what you need. Every item of jewelry we create reflects the artistry and gemstone knowledge we have (and did we mention that everything is made in-house!) Since we are genuine craftsmen, we adore creating personalized jewelry and are proud of our work. Your jewelry will endure the test of time because of our meticulous attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and determination on utilizing only the best materials.

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Choosing The Perfect Diamond

Choosing the diamond is the greatest place to start. Although it might seem overwhelming, this is the best part! The diamond is the focal point of the bands and should be carefully chosen.

The choice of source of the diamond is the first important choice. Do you like something organic and derived from the earth, or something that is a little more moral and environmentally friendly? When choosing the bands, take in mind that lab-grown diamonds are far more affordable than diamonds that are extracted from the ground.

Natural diamonds are expensive and uncommon, but lab-grown diamonds also offer advantages. Diamonds that are developed in a lab typically have fewer faults because they are meticulously made under ideal laboratory conditions. If this isn’t a significant occasion, you might want to think about buying a lab-grown diamond to save money for the next important anniversary.

Your relationship is as unique as a diamond, just like you and your spouse. The decision to get each of you a special anniversary band shouldn’t be made quickly. Spend some time determining what each spouse like so that their personality and taste can be reflected in the bands.

different diamond cuts

The diamond’s cut is one of the most overlooked features of any band, yet when it comes right down to it, it is the feature that defines the ring the most. For instance, you could want to think about a round brilliant if you prefer a more traditional and timeless look. For instance, you can think about a round brilliant-cut diamond if you prefer a more traditional and timeless look. This is well-liked since it is both straightforward and timeless.

Consider an oval, pear, or Asscher cut diamond if you want something a little less conventional and a little more distinctive. These diamonds have quite distinctive cuts, but they are still stunningly lovely.

High-Quality, Skilled Craftsmanship, And Made-To-Order

It’s incredible that we still create everything in-house; it’s the pinnacle of exquisite jewelry production. Every component is meticulously examined to make a work that lasts a lifetime. By combining cutting-edge accuracy with centuries-old jewelry-making heritage, we simply won’t produce anything that won’t endure.

We are the most trusted jewelry store in Chicago with 800+ reviews on various sites such as Google, Yelp, WeddingWire, etc.

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