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Why Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring from the Best Jewelry Store in Chicago?

Why Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring from the Best Jewelry Store in Chicago?

January 7, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

Diamond rings are often seen as the must-have for an engagement. However, buying diamond rings can be expensive, and you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Few diamond stores in Chicago offer you the chance to see your diamond engagement ring in person. This is a significant advantage because it allows shoppers the opportunity to inspect the settings of a diamond ring up close. You should take your time when viewing jewelry pieces in a retail setting, compare the quality of the diamonds, pay attention to the color and clarity grades, budget for additional jewelry protection plans, and check out several styles. In this article, we’ll discuss ten reasons why buying a diamond engagement ring from the best jewelry store in Chicago is worth your consideration.

1. A Chance to See Rings in Person

Buying jewelry is very much a personal decision, and few jewelers allow customers to view and compare the diamonds before purchasing. As the best jewelry store in Downtown Chicago, we offer customers a chance to inspect all kinds of engagement rings. They can choose diamonds with the help of our expert sales associates, who are capable of helping you find the right engagement ring or jewelry piece within your budget.

2. The Ability to Handle the Ring before Making a Purchase

Most diamond rings are handcrafted, which means that your hands can tell you everything about the ring’s craftsmanship. It is essential to spend some time with the jewelry piece and make sure it is comfortable and durable construction. No matter how beautiful or luxurious the engagement ring is, you shouldn’t buy it if it doesn’t fit your finger perfectly or has visible flaws.
Beautiful and Luxurious Engagement Rings from the best jewelry store in Chicago

Beautiful and Luxurious Engagement Ring from Dimend SCAASI

3. The Opportunity to Compare Quality and Price

Many jewelers offer similar services and prices, so how can one be sure where to buy an engagement ring? One of the best ways to choose a jewelry store is through word of mouth. It’s always better to learn essential details about diamond engagement rings from trusted friends and family members than getting ripped off by a shady jeweler who pushes products that are overpriced or not up to your standards.

4. The Possibility to Avoid Online Shopping Risks

Buying diamonds online is convenient, affordable, and time-saving, but the problem is that shoppers have very little control over the diamond they receive. In addition, you don’t get a chance to handle and inspect the piece before you buy it. As with many online shopping transactions, you cannot return or exchange your ring if it’s not what you expected or doesn’t fit your style choices.

5. A Professional Inspection from a Licensed Jeweler

Professional jewelers at the best engagement ring stores in Chicago are knowledgeable and experienced enough to identify the best diamonds for your budget. It’s always better to get a jewelry piece analyzed before you take it home. Our company offers lifetime jewelry cleanings and inspections, which is why we are the best Chicago jewelry store. If you purchase your ring from a store that doesn’t offer this service or a warranty, you will have to pay for the inspection service on your own, which can increase your purchase price significantly. trusted jewellery shop near me in Chicago

6. Availability of Protection Plans From The Best Jewelry Store

Extended warranties are always worth considering when buying expensive jewelry pieces, but their availability largely depends on the place you buy from. Many customers choose online retailers because they offer protection plans. Still, it’s important to know that these warranty contracts will only reimburse you for the initial purchase price and NOT for the value of your ring. For example, if your diamond loses 10% of its carat weight over one year, a typical jewelry protection plan will only pay you the full price of your engagement ring and not its current value. Our company offers a wide variety of jewelry protection plans that are customized according to your needs.

7. A Chance to See a Selection of Diamonds in Various Sizes and Shapes

Every diamond is unique, and many retailers only offer a small selection of stones for their clients. To find the right style for you, visit our jewelry store in Downtown Chicago to view all types of engagement rings. Diamonds are available in various shapes, styles, and cuts that influence their value, so it is critical to see them with your eyes before buying the perfect one.

8. The Opportunity to Receive Free Repairs or Replacement in Case of Damage

No matter how durable diamond engagement rings are, they can still get scratched and lose their sparkle over time. If you buy your ring from a local jeweler like us who offers repair services, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Most customers don’t know that online retailers rarely reimburse or repair diamond rings. They only exchange damaged engagement rings with similar-looking pieces acquired from wholesalers over the years.

9. The Possibility to Return an Engagement Ring Without Paying a Restocking Fee

In case you change your mind about a jewelry purchase for whatever reason, it’s always better to return it to the store where you’ve made your purchase. We don’t charge customers any fees for returning or exchanging engagement rings, while most online retailers only refund the price of a diamond ring minus a restocking fee between 15% – 25%. Consider this as an additional hidden cost that will eat up your savings on buying an engagement ring. Best Online Jewelry Store selling Loose Diamonds

10. A Proof of Authenticity Provided By a Local Jeweler

When you buy an expensive piece of jewelry, it’s always better to get it from a reputable source to verify its authenticity. As one of the best jewelers in Chicago, we can provide you with a certificate of authenticity for your diamond engagement ring, which gives you peace of mind knowing that it’s worth every penny. If you’re buying an unique engagement ring for women, it’s always better to go through an established local jeweler that can offer high-quality products and services. This is why we highly recommend buying jewelry in person, considering all the advantages of working with professional, reputable establishments. You can start by looking for ‘jewelry stores near me, Chicago’ to find the best retailers. As you walk along the busy streets of Diamond District, you’ll find this best jewelry store in Wabash, Chicago offering diamond rings and diamonds carefully selected for beauty and purity. No matter your budget, you’ll get the piece of jewelry that is right for you at an affordable price at our store.