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Why Choose Oval Cut Engagement Rings?

Why Choose Oval Cut Engagement Rings?

August 16, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

Oval diamonds stand as the most exquisite and resilient naturally-formed material. Their exceptional hardness renders them indispensable for a myriad of industrial uses. Diamonds span a spectrum of colors, from clear to black, with colorless or faint blue variations considered precious and esteemed. Possessing a grand and refined allure, these gems bestow a sense of magnificence upon those who wear them. Often referred to as a “woman’s best friend,” diamonds are quantified by carat weight, symbolizing their value.

Diamond engagement rings are cherished as enchanting mementos. If you’re contemplating getting engaged to your beloved this wedding season, fret not! This blog is here to guide you in selecting the perfectly shaped diamond to captivate your partner’s heart.

“Food, water & diamonds, you know, the essentials” – Unknown.

Elegant diamond engagement rings are available in an array of shapes and sizes, including oval-cut, pear-cut, princess-cut, and emerald-cut diamonds, among others.

Diamonds are available in many different shapes-

Where To Find Different Cut Engagement Rings?

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This article aims to provide you with comprehensive insights into various diamond cuts.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Fancy oval cut engagement rings boast exceptional and distinctive beauty. These uncommon cuts radiate with fiery brilliance. The elongated and unique form of the oval cut is attributed to its slender structure.

In 1957, Lazare Kaplan, a Russian diamond cutter, perfected the technique of cutting the oval cut. This method continues to be employed by diamond cutters worldwide.

Characteristics Of Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Settings For Oval Cut Engagement Rings.

The optimal setting for an oval cut involves four to six prongs or even bezel setting, that accentuate the diamond’s shape. While various settings can be chosen for an oval cut, the recommended and ideal settings are as follows:

As previously mentioned, an oval cut adapts elegantly to different settings and harmonizes well with various metal types. However, if you aim for a ring that radiates pure diamond brilliance, a combination of an oval cut diamond with a white gold setting is an excellent choice.

Clarity Grades For Oval Cut Engagement Rings

In contrast to other diamond cuts, the oval cut shapes tend to conceal inclusions and imperfections quite effectively. Because of this, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) suggests considering SI1 or SI2 clarity grades for a brilliant clarity assessment at a favorable price point. The presence of a subtle bow tie effect in this diamond cut is minimal and barely perceptible to the unaided eye.

clarity grades for oval diamond

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What Does An Oval Cut Diamond Say About You?

Fancy cuts embody both brilliance and individuality. Opting for an oval cut allows individuals to express distinctive and unpredictable attributes.

The oval shape aptly symbolizes a dual nature: both elegant and carefree.

Celebrities With Oval Cut Diamond Rings.

These peculiar cuts have entangled many famous and known personalities in their magic. The fans of oval cut diamond rings are:

Kourtney Kardashian owns an elegant 12-carat oval cut diamond ring.

Ariana Grande’s stunning oval cut diamond stole the show.

Blake Lively was gifted a solitaire cut pink oval cut diamond by the love of her life Ryan Reynolds.

Hailey Bieber owns a 10-carat beautiful oval cut engagement ring.

Oval Cut Diamond Rings
britney spears
blake lively
justin hailey

Unique Oval Cut Engagement Ring Designs

Comparison Between The Different Cut Diamonds


    • oval cut diamond that's certified and affordable

      Oval Cut

    • princess cut diamond at affordable prices

      Princess Cut

    • emerald cut diamond rings at affordable prices

      Emerald Cut

    • round diamond from the jewelry store near me

      Round Cut

    • cushion cut diamond at affordable prices

      Cushion Cut

    • Look

    • Modern, bold

    • Dainty, bold

    • Is Sophisticated, and elegant

    • Timeless, classy, traditional.

    • Soft, classy with a touch of vintage style.

    • Flaws

    • Inclusions and flaws are almost invisible in the oval cut shapes, and bow-tie effects present.

    • Inclusions at the corner

    • No light is scattered to hide the flaws. Go for clarity grades.

    • Go for VVS2 or a VS1 clarity check

    • VS2 & SI1 will offer a clean clarity check at the best price

    • Price

    • Can be available on a budget and the price can go high depending on the setting.

    • Affordable than most other diamond shapes.

    • Affordable.

    • Expensive

    • Comes at an affordable price than round cut diamonds

    • Durability

    • More durable than sharply pointed rings.

    • Due to the sharp corners, the ring is easy to damage.

    • Can be vulnerable to chipping.

    • Highly durable.

    • Long-lasting. Can be implemented in daily wear.

How Do I Decide Between Various Diamond-Cut Rings?

Selecting an engagement ring can be a challenging endeavor, particularly given the abundance of choices in the market. Seeking guidance from a professional can prove beneficial. Stay within your budgetary limits. Prioritize the invisibility of flaws to the naked eye. Above all, ensure that the chosen ring brings a smile to your face, so take your time and don’t rush the process.

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