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She proposed me with an Amazing Split Shank Engagement Ring

She proposed me with an Amazing Split Shank Engagement Ring

February 2, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

A Personal Story from the Couple

Along the romantic Lake Moraine coastline, Jennifer and Kat got engaged. The waters of this lake appear to have been dumped into the Valley of the Ten Peaks directly from the heavens. Only Mother Nature could have created the remarkable configuration of the high mountains surrounding the lake’s deep blue surface. Jennifer was really thrilled and said “Yes!” after being presented with a dimend SCAASI Gold Split Shank Engagement Ring.

Proposal along a beautiful lake-side with a Gold Split Shank Engagement Ring from the trusted jewelry shop

An amazing engagement ring ― Jennifer

Which Engagement Ring was Selected?

What Makes this Gold Split Shank Engagement Ring Special?

Similar to our Alessandra solitaire style but with a double crossover on the profile. A slight split up to the center draws attention to the center stone. This setting can be set with limited diamond sizes a Round, Oval or Princess cut diamond center. This design makes the center stone appear larger and enhances its brilliance, as well as provides additional space for smaller accent stones or decorative details.

Why are Rings with Shanked Sides Popular?

Some claim that the two bands (shank) at the rear that combine to form one band represent the pair, who were previously two distinct individuals, but their commitment has now linked them into one continuous thread of love. Let’s find out everything we can about split-shank engagement rings, including their appeal. Browse our collection of Split Shank Engagement Rings for Women

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Why Banff National Park is a Beautiful Place for Proposals?

Both Banff and Lake Moraine are wonderful places to visit for a romantic break since they provide activities throughout the year, a variety of places to stay and dine, natural hot springs and spas, and an environment that is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty.

Banff and Lake Moraine is a romantic place for engagement proposal
beautiful place for you to propose to your girlfriend
girl just got engaged and wearing a gold diamond ring

Why are We Seen as the Best Jeweler in Chicago?

why dimend SCAASI is a trusted jeweler in Wabash Avenue, Chicago Illinois and Chicagoland

We care for the environment as much as we care for our customers

The most important aspects of a lab-grown diamond is that they do less harm to the environment. Lab-grown diamonds also cost 30-50%+ less than mined diamonds — so you save money while obtaining the most sparkly material on the planet. Overall, Dimend SCAASI is the best jeweler in Chicago for those looking for quality, trusted jewelry. They offer a wide selection of pieces, from affordable to designer, and are committed to customer satisfaction. With their commitment to quality and service, Dimend SCAASI is the perfect choice for any jewelry needs.

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