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Three Stone Diamond Rings – Past Present Future Rings

Three Stone Diamond Rings – Past Present Future Rings

February 21, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

A Personal Story from the Couple

I cannot express how OBSESSED I am with my ring! I am an artist, and when my now fiance’ brought me in to help design my three stone diamond rings with him, I was so excited! I literally drew a picture and asked if they’d be able to make something like that happen, and I am blown away by how it came together. When we were picking our diamond, they wanted to make sure we found exactly what we wanted.

One other place where we looked told us “this one is probably the best we’ll find in your specs” but Erin and the Dimend SCAASI team wanted to help us to create the perfect ring! It was so customizable, too, and when we got our CAD design and needed adjustments, the team was really eager to make everything perfect for us.

After I approved the wax mold, I was taken off all email contact so Greg could keep the final product a surprise until he proposed, and everyone at Dimend SCAASI was very understanding and accommodating. I am truly floored that this is my ring and I get to keep it forever! I love it so much, and I have a feeling we’ll be back for wedding bands eventually!!

Proposed to my girlfriend in a three stone diamond rings from the best jeweler in Chicago
They have a great selection of three stone diamond rings, also called past present future rings, which is what I got my girlfriend.

I cannot express how OBSESSED I am with my ring! ― Jaime R.

What Three Stone Diamond Ring was selected?

What makes this Past Present Future Ring Special?

A classic choice, Lainey is a three-stone ring with petite round side diamonds set in a timeless basket style setting, available in one color or two-tone metals.

How did Three Stone Diamond Rings Rise to Popularity?

One of the most popular choices today is the three-stone diamond engagement ring because its shimmering diamonds representing your past, present, and future as an engaged couple have become a timeless symbol you’ll cherish forever. These past present future rings are quickly becoming beloved by soon-to-be brides all over the world. We have a great selection of three stone engagement rings

Past Present Future Rings that We Recommend

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girl showing her three stone diamond ring from the best jeweler in WindyCity
If you're looking to add a special piece to your collection—or simply want something beautiful—then visiting a trusted local jeweler like Dimend SCAASI's certainly worth considering.

Why are We Seen as the Best Jeweler in Chicago?

We offer the option to upgrade rings to our customers<

We offer the option to upgrade rings to our customers

Our diamonds can be upgraded towards a mined diamond replacement of at least 2X or greater value. Simply send or bring your diamond to us with its original Lab report and choose your new diamond, then pay the difference. If your new diamond is of a lesser value, you will receive a store credit for the remaining balance. In the event of market decline, your diamond will retain comparable value towards the upgrade.

Dimend SCAASI is one of the leading jewelers in the market today, offering exquisite pieces crafted from some of the finest stones and metals available. With their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, dedication to customer service, and stunning designs, it’s no wonder that we are often celebrated as one of the best jewelers around.

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