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Necklaces And Pendants

A gift of a pendant or necklace is just as beautiful a statement of love and endearment today as it was in ancient times. A necklace can make many different statements. They can be worn as a form of identification, provide a sense of protection or simply be used for decoration. Modern necklaces can be designed with almost any substance. Gold, platinum, diamonds, and precious gemstones are the most valuable and common elements used in necklaces and pendants.

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Necklace Styles

When looking for a necklace, it may help to narrow down the style that you prefer most. dimend SCAASI necklace collection includes a broad range of designs that are perfect for daily wear or for any occasions.

milgrain bezel diamond bar necklace for her

Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are the classic and timeless choice. Many choose to wear diamond necklaces as they are a long-lasting gemstone that can be an heirloom for generations to come. Diamond necklaces are perfect as they can be dressed down or worn for special occasions.

When crafting diamond necklaces, dimend SCAASI ensures the color and clarity. The variety of styles on diamond necklaces on offer is endless. You can choose a style that suits your taste.

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Vintage Inspired Necklaces

Vintage inspired jewelry can currently be defined as jewelry from the Art Deco Era, Retro Era, and Modern Era although some purists would believe that Art Deco jewelry is actually antique. On the other hand, a jewelry is considered “vintage” if it is between 50 years old and 100 years old. Unlike antique jewelry, vintage necklaces are often worn and displayed, as they are less likely to break.

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Gemstone Necklaces

If your craving ways to bring vivid colors into your life, the natural beauty of gemstone necklaces may provide the lift you need. The endless palate of nature’s colorful gemstones will inspire innovative enhancement to your wardrobe. Once discovered, many woman develop an insatiable appetite for creating new ensembles using gemstone pendants and colored stone jewelry to warm up and energize daily attire.

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Pendant Styles

When looking for a pendants, it may help to narrow down the style that you prefer most. dimend SCAASI necklace collection includes a broad range of designs that are perfect for daily wear or for any occasions.

Diamond Pendants

Diamonds are a timeless and traditional option. Diamonds are a durable gemstone that may be passed down through the years, so many people opt to wear diamond pendants. Diamonds are ideal since they may be worn casually or for formal situations. You can select a look that appeals to your own or a loved one’s preferences.

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vintage pendants from the art deco retro and modern eras

Vintage Pendants

Currently, pendants from the Art Deco, Retro, and Modern eras can be considered vintage jewelry, however some purists would say that Art Deco jewellery is genuinely antique. On the other hand, if a piece of jewelry is between 50 and 100 years old, it is said to be vintage.

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Gemstone Pendants

The unadulterated beauty of gemstone necklaces might give you the boost you need if you’re looking for methods to inject more vibrant hues into your life. The countless color options of nature’s beautiful jewels will inspire creative wardrobe additions.

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Gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum drop earrings are modern and trendy accessories available in a wide variety of styles. These designs include circular links that dangle to the shoulder, abstract curves in bright yellow gold, and silver symmetrical designs with textured finishes. Its the ideal for the modern woman.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying Necklaces And Pendants?

Diamond necklaces are the most versatile and classic addition to any wardrobe. Being the go-to basic fashion staple. When shopping for diamond necklaces, the key is to start with your budget. Knowing the 4 Cs is an integral part of buying diamonds in any form. The 4 Cs refer to cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut is the shape of the diamond, the color is the hue, the clarity is the level of imperfections, and the carat is the weight.

4 Cs Of Diamond

Careful consideration of each of the 4C’s will help you select the diamond necklace and pendants you envision wearing.

diamond carat size chart
tips for choosing and selecting the ideal diamond studs

Tips For Choosing And Selecting The Necklaces And Pendants

Necklaces and Pendants are a lovely gift that will catch the attention of any lady. Diamond necklaces are a classy and lovely gift for any event. Diamond necklaces come in a range of styles. Before you buy a necklace or pendant for the special woman in your life, take into account the following advice.

Budgeting Around 4Cs

We believe that setting a budget should be a personal decision rather than a rigid rule. It’s important to determine a comfortable budget before selecting to ensure that it meets your expectations. At dimend SCAASI, we can help you find a diamond that balances size and quality within your budget.

The 4C’s of a diamond are the standard in evaluating a stone’s quality. In turn, each stone’s quality helps establish its overall value and price. Therefore, careful consideration of each of the 4C’s will help you select the diamond necklaces and pendants you envision wearing.

balances size and quality diamond within your budget by dimendSCAASI
what is your skin tone

What Is The Skin Tone?

The metal holding the diamond should be the same color as her skin. Yellow gold complements a woman with a warm skin tone far better than white gold or platinum does. Don’t settle for a subpar mounting either; only high-quality materials should be used for mounting diamonds.

Pick The Perfect Diamond Necklaces And Pendants

When purchasing a necklace, it often comes with a chain, but that doesn’t mean you’re bound to keep them together forever. Choosing the right chain can beautifully complement the diamond pendant you have selected, allowing you to create the perfect combination for your unique style.

As you are choosing a chain, make sure it’s the length that your loved one would prefer, that the color matches the accents on the diamond pendant, and that it’s strong enough to hold up that pendant through thick and thin. Your loved one will treasure the necklace, after all, so you don’t want to risk losing the most valuable part of it.

pick the perfect diamond necklaces and pendants
a ideal studs for any occasion

Ideal For Any Occasion

Every event is perfect for wearing necklaces and pendants. They make the ideal present because they may be used often and at many different occasions. Moreover, they are wonderful gifts for any occasion, including Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings or any other event that you celebrate.

If she genuinely like her necklace and pendant, you may keep extending her collection for all of these special occasions so that she has a lovely array of necklace and pendant to choose from every day.

Why Necklaces And Pendants Are The Best Gift?

Giving jewelry means giving something that makes people feel beautiful, important, and desired. Even as a platonic gift, jewels awaken one’s identity, making them happy when they wear it. When choosing which jewels to give, whether they are classic, in line with fashion trends or perhaps family looms, remember these millenary beauties are capable of strengthening existing bonds and mending broken ones.

why necklaces and pendants are the best gift

What Kind Of Jewelry Is Most Popular Among People?

One of the fascinating things about jewelry is that an individual’s preferences can vary wildly from everyone else — with tastes as varied as the different types of jewelry showcased. There is an uncountable number of choices and an almost unlimited number of potential combinations for just about every type of jewelry that it can be quite easy for just about anyone to get overwhelmed. However, the beauty of jewelry is that beauty is all in the eye of the beholder.

Preference Of Jewelry Type Among People

Top four most jewelry types people wear regularly.

preference of jewelry type among people

Top Selling Necklaces And Pendants

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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a popular style of earrings for both men and women. They consist of a single diamond set in a metal setting, usually gold or platinum, and can range in size and carat weight.

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