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A diamond’s shape is its most distinguishing and easily identifiable feature. Diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes that maximize diamond brilliance and give character to the diamond. Different shapes can represent different personalities and events. Round brilliant cuts are the most popular, followed by Princess cut diamonds. At dimend SCAASI, we offer the 10 most popular certified diamond shapes.

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Learn About Diamond Shapes

Diamond structure is represented by a diamond’s form. It is the real shape and appearance of the stone. One of the first factors that partners commonly consider when looking for a diamond is its shape. In spite of the fact that round diamonds are the most popular choice, many couples are attracted to the distinctive appearance of non-round, or “fancy shaped” diamonds.

Round Shaped Diamonds

The Round Diamond, or Brilliant Cut Diamond, is by far the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings. It is cone-shaped to maximize light return through the top of the diamond. It is cut to have 58 facets: 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion. The relationship between the angle of the crown (above the girdle) and the pavilion (below the girdle) is complementary. A steep crown angle is complemented by a shallower pavilion angle, and vice versa.

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Oval Shaped Diamonds

The Oval Cut Diamond is a modified version of the most popular cut, the Round Brilliant. It is the perfect choice for buyers who are looking for characteristics similar to the Round “Ideal” Cut, but would like something in a shape that is more unusual. Oval Cut diamonds also create the optical illusion of length and serve to elegantly elongate fingers.

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Emerald Shaped Diamonds

The Emerald-Cut Diamond is a very popular style known for its beauty and precision. While it lacks the brilliance of diamonds cut with triangular and kite-shaped facets, it more than makes up for it in its extreme clarity like looking into glacier-pure ice. The Emerald-Cut diamond is named so because this style of cut was originally used only on emeralds. It is called a step-cut, which is the cut most commonly used on square or rectangular diamonds.

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Princess Shaped Diamonds

The Princess cut diamonds can make the perfect engagement rings since they are very clear. Their exquisite shape makes them an exotic treasure, as they are designed for getting top brilliance from their square cut. When purchasing a Princess Cut diamond, make sure that the setting for your ring protects the four pointed corners. The Princess Cut diamond allows more acceptably for flaws.

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Marquise Shaped Diamonds

Marquise-shaped diamonds have the largest surface area of any diamond shape thanks to their dramatic pointed ends and curved center. This distinctive cut elongates and flatters fingers while increasing apparent size. This romantic form, which dates back to the 18th century, exudes a timeless royal elegance.

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Cushion Shaped Diamonds

The Cushion Cut Diamond is an antique cut that has a classic, romantic appeal. It is considered a cross between the Old Mine Cut, which was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and a modern Oval-Cut Diamond. The Old Mine Cut featured large facets and rounded corners, since the cutting was all done by hand at the time. They were designed to catch the beauty of candlelight. The Cushion-Cut Diamond contains 58 facets.

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Radiant Shaped Diamonds

The Radiant Cut Diamond combines the more stylish square or rectangular shape with the brilliance of the more traditional Round Cut. It combines two diamond cutting styles-the Round Cut style and the Emerald Cut style, to create a non-traditional, yet still brilliant, diamond. This cut, created in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, was designed to maintain the beauty of each different type of diamond, while still creating something altogether different from anything available at the time.

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Pear Shaped Diamonds

The Pear Shaped Diamond combines the tradition and brilliance of a round cut with a less common shape to create an unusual diamond that can still make light ‘dance’ as it does in the traditional Round Brilliant Cut. It is probably the most subjective diamond shape, as its size and proportions are really a matter of taste. The diamond usually contains 58 facets, allowing for light to pass through it much the same way as in a Round, but makes more of an impression because of its much less common shape.

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Asscher Shaped Diamonds

The Asscher cut diamond was first cut in 1902 by the Asscher family in Amsterdam. A step-cut diamond that is immediately recognized for its contemporary look, the Asscher or Square Emerald is not great at hiding its flaws. Opt for a VS2 clarity or better to be sure your diamond is eye-clean.

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Heart Shaped Diamonds

Given that the heart and love are both symbols of, choosing heart-shaped diamonds for an engagement ring makes sense. Larger stones enhance the appearance of heart formations by making them more prominent. Additionally, diamonds with excellent color grades are ideal for this design. Stones with lower color grades may stand out in this design since it is less forgiving on the edges than some other shapes. good quality.

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Most Popular Diamond Shapes

The best feature of a diamond is highlighted by its cut: light refraction. Bling, shine, and luster that famous diamond flash. Keep in mind that when choosing your diamond, a stone that scores highly on all other 4Cs criteria but Diamond shape affects price just as the 4Cs do. Anything affecting the diamond’s appearance will change the price, for example, the diamond’s length-to-width ratio.

Which Diamond Shapes Is The Most Preferred For Engagement Rings?

The survey suggests that traditional shapes like round continues to be the most popular choices for engagement rings, while more unique shapes like emerald and pear are gaining in popularity.

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To buy a diamond that will accentuate the wearer’s beauty, it is crucial to understand different diamond shapes and cuts and how they unlock the stone’s aesthetic attributes.

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