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The origin and quality attributes of dimend SCAASI diamonds are independently verified. A diamond certificate or grading report, which is offered by a reputable gemology lab, offers a professional assessment of the diamond’s quality.

A diamond’s weight and size are measured, as well as its measurements and quality factors including cut, color, and clarity, by trained gemologists using sophisticated equipment.

a diamonds weight and size

What is the significance of certified diamonds?

Diamonds rank among the most sought-after and costly gemstones in the market. Consequently, acquiring a diamond of any size to serve as the centerpiece in a ring or other forms of jewelry constitutes a substantial investment. Even minor variations in a diamond’s visual characteristics can translate into a price difference of thousands, if not more, in the end.

The diamond report, also known as the diamond certificate, stands as one of the most robust and dependable tools available in the market to aid you during the diamond buying process. Nearly all diamonds are evaluated using the 4C’s (Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color) established by GIA, and the diamond reports they generate in their laboratories play a crucial role in this assessment.

4 Cs Of Diamond

Diamonds are valued based on the 4C’s and diamond certificate is the most reliable tools to help in the diamond purchase.

diamond carat size chart

How to Read a Diamond Certificate?

On a diamond’s certificate, there are several key elements worth paying attention to:

  1. The date the diamond was graded
  2. The report number
  3. Shape and cutting style (i.e. Round Brilliant)
  4. Measurements

Following the aforementioned details, the certificate will outline the grading results for the carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, and cut grade of the diamond. It also includes supplementary grading information such as polish, symmetry, and fluorescence.

gia certificate

GIA Certificate

“GIA certified.” GIA is an acronym for the Gemological Institute of America, considered the world’s leading geological research institute. The GIA tests diamonds and grades them based on the 4 C’s: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Testing is conducted under stringent guidelines assures no flaws are missed.

The institute then files a test report and signs off on the diamond’s quality. The diamond is then considered “GIA certified.” The GIA report details all its findings of the diamond’s four aspects in the report. It highlights the diamond’s strengths and weaknesses with objectivity.

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gia report details

Origin Of GIA

On February 15, 1931, a former retail jeweler named Robert M. Shipley and his wife, Beatrice, cashed in their savings to establish the Gemological Institute of America. When most jewelers knew little about the gems they traded, Robert Shipley decided to professionalize the industry through education, research, and gemological instrumentation. The Institute offered mimeographed mail-order courses and provided gem-testing services using borrowed microscopes and other equipment.

From modest beginnings, GIA has become an institution with more than 200,000 graduates from 13 schools in 10 countries, a prestigious laboratory grading the world’s most important diamonds, the leading gemological research center and the author of books and publications.

IGI Certificate

“IGI certified.” IGI stands for the International Gemological Institute. IGI Diamond Reports offer precise evaluations of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, adhering to stringent international standards. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, IGI thoroughly screens each diamond to ascertain whether it is naturally mined, laboratory-grown, or a simulant.

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igi certificate

Origin Of IGI

Founded in 1975, IGI holds the distinction of being the oldest laboratory in Antwerp, Belgium, to this day. The pioneering spirit of IGI’s School of Gemology led to the introduction of the first classes covering rough diamonds. IGI also spearheaded the issuance of Jewelry Identification Reports, setting new standards in the industry. Another milestone was achieved with the development of the first comprehensive diamond cut grading chart. In the year 2000, IGI revolutionized the grading of small diamonds through an innovative system. Additionally, they were the first to collaborate with renowned jewelry brands, issuing co-branded grading reports.

IGI took a significant step in enhancing the manufacturing process by introducing hands-on courses directly to factories. Additionally, they played a crucial role in elevating the knowledge and expertise of salespeople and enthusiasts by offering supplemental courses. One of IGI’s most notable achievements was the creation of the Hearts and Arrows Diamond Reports, which have gained widespread recognition and acclaim worldwide.

GCAL Certificate

Driven by the goal of providing an independent, honest and fair assessment of the quality of diamonds, Don and his wife, Pamela, established GCAL in 2001. Gem Certification & Assurance Lab is headquartered in the New York City and is still proud to offer premium Guaranteed Grading Certificates, along with exclusive services such as Diamond Profile, Light Analysis and innovative technologies such as Gemprint.

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gcal certificate

Origin Of GCAL

Driven by the goal of providing an independent, honest and fair assessment of the quality of diamonds, Don and his wife, Pamela, established GCAL in 2001. Gem Certification & Assurance Lab is headquartered in the diamond district in New York City. Don’s viewpoint was that labs could be 99-100% accurate if they took the time to do it right.

GCAL pioneered the 8X Grading Report. To be deemed an 8X diamond, a stone must receive a grade of “excellent” in all eight aspects of cut that GCAL is evaluating: polish, external symmetry, proportions, optical brilliance, fire, scintillation, optical symmetry, and Hearts & Arrows.

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