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Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence may not be one of the 4Cs, but it is still one of the more important characteristics to be considered in a diamond. The presence of fluorescence, or the lack of it, can impact the overall beauty and therefore the value of a diamond.

Despite possessing many desirable qualities, even an ideal diamond—vibrant, bright, and full of life—with excellent clarity, color, and cut can have reduced value due to the presence of fluorescence.

fluorescence diamonds

Diamonds Under UV Light And Normal Light

Diamond fluorescence refers to the intensity of a colored glow (usually blue) that is visible when a diamond is exposed to UV light. In some instances, diamonds with strong fluorescence may look milky and lifeless in daylight, but in most cases, the appearance of a diamond with strong fluorescence is rarely affected. Diamonds with none or a faint fluorescence are rarer than those with a strong or very strong fluorescence.

Effect Of Fluorescence On The Price And Appearance Of A Diamond

Several industry experts believe that blue fluorescence in diamonds can make diamonds of the I to M color grade appear more colorless in UV light, such as the sunlight. This advantage may enable near colorless to faintly yellow diamonds with extremely strong to medium bluish fluorescence to be significantly more expensive per carat than similar diamonds without fluorescence.

On the other hand, diamonds with bluish fluorescence in the D to H color range are frequently thought to be less desirable by the trade. To put it another way, diamonds with these color grades may appear fuzzy or oily if the intensity of the bluish fluorescence is high.

Even yet, not all diamonds with very strong blues fluorescence have an oily appearance. On the plus side, however, they may be more affordable than diamonds without blue fluorescence.

Fluorescence Affecting Price

The effect on price varies depending on the type of fluorescence, diamond color, and clarity.

fluorescence affecting price

Average Price Of Mined Diamonds Of One Carat With VS1 Clarity And Excellent Cut

diamond fluorescence and is it good or bad

How Important Is Diamond Fluorescence And Is It Good Or Bad?

In a small number of diamonds, the presence of fluorescence creates a hazy, milky, oily, or cloudy appearance. For this reason, few fluorescent diamonds can be valued lower than similar diamonds with fluorescent ratings of Faint or Medium.

The beauty of a diamond lies in the eyes of the beholder, and opinions on fluorescence can vary. Some people might notice fluorescence, while others may not even perceive it. It can be a matter of personal preference whether someone likes it or not. In truth, fluorescence should not be a significant concern when purchasing diamonds, as it does not degrade the diamond’s structure or have any adverse effects on its quality.

Do All Diamonds Fluoresce?

No. Only about 25% to 35% of diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence in reaction to long-wave UV light. More than 95% of these diamonds fluoresce blue.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Have Fluorescence?

Just like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds can fluoresce under UltraViolet (UV) light. This remarkable characteristic causes diamonds to glow beautiful colors or a brighter shade of white. Only a small percentage of man-made diamonds have fluorescence, and the glowing effect is usually added during color-changing irradiation treatment in labs.

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