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The Timeless Beauty of Vintage Engagement Rings

The Timeless Beauty of Vintage Engagement Rings

December 26, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

The Real Beauty of Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement rings, old looking or antique, have a long history and enduring symbolism. These rings represent the depth of relationships that can last the test of time and may already have decades, or perhaps a century or more, of happy anniversaries behind them. Even while couples may not always be aware of the complete background of their engagement ring, the intrigue of that past can have a special charm as couples prepare for their future together.

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Engaged and I could not be any happier! ― Stephanie

Which Vintage Engagement Ring was Selected?

Art Nouveau Unique Asymmetrical Engagement Ring

This spectacular style is a dimend SCAASI exclusive! We were inspired by the Art Nouveau era when we created this unique asymmetrical engagement ring. A romantic cluster style, Eden features a marquise cut center stone bordered on one side by petite round diamonds and a delicate diamond-accented band.

What is Significant About the Vintage Art Nouveau Engagement Ring Design?

Although this period was brief, Art Nouveau engagement rings are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs. Due to the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of jewelry created by machines, handcrafted jewelry was in extremely high demand during this time period since its shelf life was drawing to a close. Geometric shapes were explored and patterns drawn from nature were favored in Art Nouveau engagement rings. The lines and shapes expressed the asymmetry of nature, which was the dominant subject of this time period (returning to nature).

Why was the Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring the Ultimae Choice?

Marquise cut diamonds are incredibly adaptable, and their distinctive shape makes them ideal for both magnificent solitaire gems and vintage-inspired fashions. For the same carat weight, marquise cut diamonds also have a substantially bigger face-up surface area than round cut diamonds, giving the impression of a larger jewel.

More Vintage Engagement Rings for Women

St. Augustine, Florida is a place for Romance and Gifts on Valentine’s Day

In Florida, there are many wonderful locations to pop the question. St. Augustine is at the top of the list because it is the ideal location for an engagement with its lovely historic buildings, quaint streets, shops, restaurants, and magnificent beaches. There are numerous ideal locations to pop the question in Florida, which is one of the most romantic states in the union. Your romantic partner will be stunned no matter where you choose to pop the question—along the beach during a sunset or at one of the historic inns.

St. Augustine, Florida is a place for Romance and Gifts on Valentine's Day
a couple after she-said-yes
a happy couple walking together after she-said-yes at St.Augustine Florida in a dimendSCAASI vintage engagement ring
St.Augustine, Florida a popular place for engagement proopoal

Why are we the Best Engagement Ring Stores in Chicago?

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