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Why Choose Cushion Cut Diamond Rings?

Why Choose Cushion Cut Diamond Rings?

January 21, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings are a popular choice for engagement rings and other special occasion jewelry. A cushion-cut diamond is characterized by its rounded corners and larger facets, which create a “pillow”-like appearance. This cut was first developed in the early 1800s and is one of the oldest diamond cuts still in use today.

Cushion Cut Rings are known for their brilliance and sparkle, but they also possess a softer, romantic look that makes them perfect for engagements and other special occasions. They are available in a variety of settings, from classic solitaire to halo and pave rings.

Cushion-cut diamonds offer a wide range of sizes, colors, and clarities, ensuring that you can discover the ideal diamond for your ring. These diamonds come in square and elongated cushion cuts, which can lend a contemporary touch to the ring’s appearance. Regardless of your personal preference, a cushion cut diamond ring is guaranteed to make a remarkable and captivating statement.

Additional diamond shapes are: pear-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamonds, oval-cut diamonds, round-cut diamonds.

Where so Shop for Different Cut Engagement Rings?

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Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

If you have a strong affinity for the fiery brilliance and captivating play of colored light in diamonds, the cushion cut diamond is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you. With its timeless charm and gentle, rounded edges, this diamond cut resembles a cushion, hence its name.

Cushion cut diamonds possess a timeless quality that transcends generations, making them vintage and antique cuts that can be appreciated by anyone. Numerous brides choose to embrace the allure of vintage style on their wedding day and find joy in cherishing the elegance of a cushion cut diamond.

Characteristics of Cushion cut diamonds

properties of a cushion cut diamond

Anatomy of Cushion cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are typically available in two main types. The first type consists of the standard cuts commonly found in older diamonds. However, in the 1920s, modified cushion cuts were introduced to the market, bringing a new dimension to the performance of these diamonds. These two different cuts have distinct influences on the overall characteristics and qualities of the diamonds.

When seeking to conceal any flaws or inclusions in a diamond, it is often advised to consider shopping for modified cushion cut diamonds. These diamonds are particularly effective at concealing imperfections due to their intricate and intense faceting pattern. Compared to standard cuts, modified cushion cuts offer enhanced capabilities for hiding inclusions, ensuring a visually appealing diamond.

There are two distinct appearances associated with cushion cut diamonds. Some cushion cuts resemble crushed ice or fragmented glass, while others feature a chunkier look that enables the reflection of light even in broad daylight.

Recommended Clarity grades for Cushion cut diamond ring

Ensuring the integrity of diamond jewelry is important, as visible flaws can diminish its overall beauty. Therefore, conducting a clarity grade check is always essential. Opting for clarity grades of VS2 or SI1 can provide a clean clarity check while offering the best value for your money.

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Cushion cut recommended metal vs color

Cushion cuts are gentle and elegant diamonds that pair exceptionally well with white gold or platinum settings. When selecting a cushion cut diamond for a platinum or white gold setting, it is recommended to stick to a diamond color grade of G or better.

What does a Cushion cut diamond signify?

A cushion cut diamond carries multiple symbolic meanings, often perceived subjectively or within cultural contexts. It is commonly associated with timelessness, representing enduring love and commitment. The elegant and refined nature of cushion cut diamonds adds to their significance, appealing to individuals with a taste for classic beauty. These diamonds also exude romance through their captivating play of light, evoking feelings of enchantment and passion. Additionally, cushion cuts are often linked to vintage and antique styles, symbolizing nostalgia and heritage. Ultimately, the significance of a cushion cut diamond is deeply personal and can hold unique meaning for each individual, making it important to choose a shape and style that resonates with personal preferences and emotions.

Celebrities wearing Cushion cut diamond rings

Did you know Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian a 20-carat cushion cut diamond ring engraved in platinum, valued at 8 million dollars.

Chrissy Teigen owns a cushion cut diamond embedded in 18 Karat white gold.

Paris Hilton auctioned the large 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring to support the hurricane Katrina victims.

Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian a very large cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from a celebrity jewelry designer
Chrissy Teigen often wears her cushion-cut engagement ring nestled between two matching pavé diamond wedding rings

Peculiar Cushion Cut Rings

Comparison Between The Different Cut Diamonds


    • lab-grown and mined cushion cut diamond

      Cushion Cut

    • lab-grown and mined princess cut diamond

      Princess Cut

    • lab-grown and mined emerald cut diamond

      Emerald Cut

    • lab-grown and mined oval cut diamond

      Oval Cut

    • lab-grown and mined round diamond

      Round Cut

    • Look

    • Soft, classy with a touch of vintage style.

    • Dainty, bold

    • is Sophisticated and elegant

    • Modern, bold

    • Timeless, classy, traditional.

    • Flaws

    • VS2 and SI1 clarity grades provide a favorable combination of cleanliness and value

    • Inclusions at the corner

    • Choose higher clarity grades to minimize light scattering and hide flaws.

    • inclusions and flaws are almost invisible in the oval-cut shapes, avoid large bow-tie effects.

    • go for VVS2 or a VS1 clarities

    • Price

    • Comes at an affordable price than round cut diamonds

    • Affordable than most other diamond shapes.

    • Affordable.

    • Budget friendly depending on setting price.

    • Top price levels

    • Durability

    • Can be set in any setting, double prongs for square.

    • Sharp corners, place prongs to cover.

    • Prongs to protect clipped corners.

    • Typically sets with 4 prongs.

    • 4 or 6 prongs.

How to determine the right diamond?

Selecting an engagement ring can be challenging with the multitude of options available. Seeking guidance from a professional can be advantageous, while staying within your budget is crucial. Prioritize diamonds with flaws that are not visible to the naked eye. Browse our collection of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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