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Indulge in the Sparkle of a Round-Cut Engagement Ring

Indulge in the Sparkle of a Round-Cut Engagement Ring

March 18, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

Behold the exquisite diamond, nature’s most stunning and resilient gem! Renowned for their unrivaled hardness, diamonds boast a multitude of industrial uses while their captivating colors range from the ethereal colorless to the mysterious black. However, it’s the rare colorless or faintly blue diamonds that truly bewitch aficionados, offering an awe-inspiring and regal statement to the bearer. Unsurprisingly, many regard these radiant gems as “a woman’s best friend,” with their purity determined by the illustrious carat measurement.

Picture the perfect token of eternal love as you exchange vows with your soulmate – a diamond engagement ring, mesmerizing as a tangible memory of your love. Look no further than this blog to expertly guide you on the perfect diamond ring that will sweep your partner off their feet, for after all, food, water, and diamonds are the essentials of life.

Discover the elegance of diamond engagement rings, dazzling in an array of shapes and sizes. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of oval, pear, princess, emerald, and round-cut masterpieces that symbolize the love of a lifetime.

Where To Find Different Cut Engagement Rings?

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Get ready to dazzle in the glimmering world of round-cut engagement rings – after this, you’ll be a sparkling gem-expert!

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Ah, the round-cut diamond: America’s darling gemstone and engagement ring royalty. Flaunting a dazzling array of 58 facets that playfully bounce light into the eyes of admirers, these blinged-out beauties have been stealing hearts since 1919 when Michael Tolkowsky’s work, Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond, stirred an insatiable craving for these shiny, symmetrical treasures. Posh, classic, and utterly captivating, it’s no wonder round-cut diamonds remain the ultimate choice for indulging in matrimonial bliss.

Characteristics Of Round Cut Diamonds

characteristics of round cut diamonds

The Art of Round-Cut Engagement Rings

Imagine the dazzling dance of light in round-cut engagement rings, where fire and brilliance come alive in their 58 facets. This captivating display is the result of harmonious depths, angles, and proportions working together to unleash the diamond’s full potential.

It’s akin to the old European cut, but with a modern twist: while they share similarities, the round cut’s larger tables and slender crowns outshine the deeper, more robust proportions of their European counterparts. Explore the magical world of round-cut engagement rings and let the diamonds mesmerize you.

Decoding Clarity Grades for Round-Cut Engagement Rings

Unveil the essence of a flawless sparkle in your round cut or any diamond ring by choosing the right clarity grade. Opt for the tantalizing VVS2 or the equally exquisite VS1, depending on your budget. Keep in mind, though, that the VVS2 reigns supreme in price over its VS1 rival. So, let your heart decide, but let your budget be your compass.

clarity grades for round cut diamonds

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What Does A Round Cut Diamond Ring Say About You?

Round-cut diamonds, famed for their breathtaking brilliance and understated sophistication, are the epitome of elegance. Those who don a round-cut diamond ring exude a timeless charm, blending tradition with a touch of glamour.

Celebrities Who Own Round Cut Diamonds

Beyoncé – Jay-Z proposed to Queen Bey in 2007 with an 18-carat round brilliant cut diamond set on a white gold band with pave diamonds.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Prince Harry gave his now wife, Meghan Markle, a 3-carat round-cut diamond engagement ring featuring two outer diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection.

Taylor Swift – The “Love Story” singer’s fiancé Joe Alwyn gave her an ornate yellow gold diamond encrusted ring with a large round center stone flanked by additional smaller stones.

Kim Kardashian West – The reality star and fashion icon has a 20-carat round diamond engagement ring from Kanye West which is estimated to be worth around $8 million.

Ariana Grande – The “Thank U Next” singer was showered with an 8-carat round cut diamond that was flanked by two tapered baguettes when she became engaged to Pete Davidson.

Amber Heard owns a brilliant round cut diamond
Johnny Depp proposed to her with this tremendous ring

Unique Round Cut Engagement Ring Designs

Comparison Between The Different Cut Diamonds


    • round diamond from the jewelry store near me

      Round Cut

    • princess cut diamond at affordable prices

      Princess Cut

    • emerald cut diamond rings at affordable prices

      Emerald Cut

    • oval cut diamond that's certified and affordable

      Oval Cut

    • cushion cut diamond at affordable prices

      Cushion Cut

    • Look

    • Timeless, classy, traditional.

    • Dainty, bold

    • is Sophisticated, and elegant.

    • Modern, bold

    • Soft, classy with a touch of vintage style.

    • Flaws

    • go for VVS2 or a VS1 clarity check

    • Inclusions at the corner

    • No light is scattered to hide the flaws. Go for clarity grades.

    • inclusions and flaws are almost invisible in the oval-cut shapes, and bow-tie effects present.

    • VS2 & SI1 will offer a clean clarity check at the best price

    • Price

    • Expensive

    • Affordable than most other diamond shapes.

    • Affordable.

    • Can be available on a budget and the price can go high depending on the setting.

    • Comes at an affordable price than round cut diamonds

    • Durability

    • Highly durable.

    • Due to the sharp corners, the ring is easy to damage.

    • Can be vulnerable to chipping.

    • More durable than sharply pointed rings.

    • Long-lasting. Can be implemented in daily wear.

What Should I Choose Between Different Diamond-Cut Rings?

Ah, the quest for the perfect engagement ring – a journey both thrilling and daunting! Fear not, for we, a trusted Chicago jewelry shop with a glittering 25-year history, are here to guide you. Remember, finding that sparkling gem that makes your heart skip a beat is not a race, so take your time. Seek expert advice, stick to your budget, and let flawless be your mantra (at least for the diamond!).

Still feeling overwhelmed? Let our rave reviews and online jewelry shop on Instagram be your sparkly beacon. Happy treasure-hunting, future bling-bearer!

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