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Will You Marry Me? Engagement Ring Proposal at Diamond Beach, Iceland

Will You Marry Me? Engagement Ring Proposal at Diamond Beach, Iceland

January 2, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

A Personal Story of the Couple

The waves were rumbling as they passed through the iceberg pieces drifting across the shores of Diamond Beach. Standing atop the black, sandy beach were Michael and Kathy, hand-in-hand. Both of them were smiling and excited, anticipating something. Suddenly, all the noises in the background stopped for a moment, apart from the “whooshing” wind. Michael noticed that time was moving slowly and seized the opportunity. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He got down on his knee, presented the DiamendSCAASI Diamond Engagement Ring, and asked, “Will you marry me?” Kathy, teary-eyed and happy, as she knew this was coming, said, “Yes!” In that moment, a huge wave smashed into an iceberg with a loud crash, spraying the newly engaged couple with white foam.

Will You Marry Me? Engagement Proposal at Diamond Beach, Iceland with a Diamond Ring from Chicago

Stunning proposal! ― Kathy

What Diamond Engagement Ring was Selected?

What Makes this Diamond Engagement Ring Special?

A timeless beauty, our Monroe engagement ring features sparkling French pave set halfway around the band, which gently tapers on either side of the diamond of your choosing. This style can also be set in a 4 Prong fashion with a Cushion, Asscher, Emerald, Radiant, or in a 5 Prong style for a Pear or Heart shaped diamond

How do Engagement Rings with Diamond Accents Mesmerize People with their Beauty?

Accent diamonds are smaller diamonds used to enhance the larger center stone by complementing it. To make the band look bigger and more eye-catching, smaller diamonds are frequently utilized in diamond engagement rings. Due of their ability to enhance the sparkle of the primary stone, diamond accents are particularly popular in gemstone engagement rings for women. While without dominating the main center gemstone, the accents provide more life and bedazzles rubies, emeralds, pearls, sapphires, and other gems.

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Charm Your Loved Ones with the Magnificence of an Icelandic Proposal

A lot of people want to make being engaged as special and memorable as they can because it is such a significant occasion. People travel from all over the world to Iceland, especially to come here and ask that crucial question: Will you marry me?

Memorable Engagement Proposal at Scenic Diamond Beach Iceland
Why a couple from Chicago got engaged at Diamond Beach Iceland
A woman showing off her diamond engagement ring after she said yes to a proposal from her boyfriend at Diamond Beach, Iceland

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These types of services, which are not often covered through traditional insurance plans, are important for safeguarding and maintaining your jewelry and diamond rings though normal daily wear and tear.

What’s the Cost of Safeguarding and Maintaining Your Jewelry and Diamond Ring?

We offer plans based on the cost of your ring, please see pricing details below:

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