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Custom Engagement Ring only from dimend SCAASI Jeweler

Custom Engagement Ring only from dimend SCAASI Jeweler

March 14, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

A Personal Story From the Couple

Dimend SCAASI (dS) is the greatest place to get custom engagement rings and diamond jewelry of any kind. PERIOD. They listen, have high-quality jewelry, are patient, provide good customer service, and offer the best deal. I proposed after nine years of dating on my birthday with the promise ring I gave her years before. I told my fiancé I would buy her the most magnificent ring when I got enough money. We shopped at every mall store. Pushy salespeople were everywhere. Nobody was kind. I was disappointed and nothing extraordinary happened. I found the page of r/diamonds on Reddit and the site of PriceScope, these taught me a lot. In this business knowledge is power.

Custom Engagement Ring from dimend SCAASI Jewelers Only

The Right Advice from Diamond Experts at dimend SCAASI

I discovered that clarity may be traded for carat, cut, and color in diamond evaluation. Finding cheap, well-cut diamonds was my biggest learning.’s pricing was the best. It seemed fishy. I chose dimend SCAASI because I reside near Chicago. The large collection of diamonds here is the best way to choose the right one at the right price. Amazing Google, Yelp, and other reviews. That is why I’m taking time to write, to share my experience. Stephanie got my gemstones and preferences. Cut, carat, and color mattered. We chose two rings after she patiently answered my questions concerning crown and pavilion angles. We saw everything. These jewels outshone the ones offered at Tiffany’s. It was also cheap. After looking at all this, my fiancé started looking seriously at rings she liked, and I knew I couldn’t give her something that was not custom.

Custom Engagement Ring from the top Jewelry Store in Chicago
Design your own custom engagement ring with the top Jewelry Store in Chicago

I designed the nine-diamond ring commemorating our nine years together. I searched for more gems to find the right one. After another appointment, I fell in love with this diamond. 57 table, 35.5 CA, 40.6 PA. This combination is stunning. Stephanie gave me fantastic ASET scope shots of all of them to ensure I had the best. CAD and 3D wax models confirmed my request.

This particular ring would “complete” the proposal on her birthday. My fiancé’s birthday was Sunday, and dimend SCAASI was closed Friday and Saturday. Our wedding venue’s food and cake tasting was on Thursday, but the ring still was not ready. I was so disappointed. Later, they told me they can overnight it and I pick it up from my nearest fedex location the next day. The box and packaging impressed me when I opened the ring. It sparkled. Platinum construction made the ring heavier than other jewelers like James Allen. I hear they aerate their ring settings. I was very grateful to present my fiancé her dream ring close to a frozen waterfall. I’ll always buy diamonds and personalized jewelry from dimend SCAASI.

I was amazed with the presentation of everything! ― Jacob B.

Creation Process of the Custom Engagement Ring

Designing a custom engagement ring is easier than you think

Going custom allows you to avoid making any design compromises. You get to pick the components you wish to incorporate into the ring and are not forced to go with the conventional pre-made design you see in most jewelry stores. You can make the engagement ring more significant by adding your own touches.

Design your Perfect Engagement Ring with dimend SCAASI Jeweler

When creating a ring virtually, CAD programs enable extensive manipulation and virtually infinite detail. A wax model is 3D printed from a CAD file and then cast into a precious metal. Since designing and creating a wax model by hand is much less efficient than using 3d printing, the jewelry industry has started to adopt this new technology over the past ten years.

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Make Your Proposal Unforgettable in Chicago’s Most Beautiful Park

This welcoming environment provides the perfect way to escape into the great outdoors and enjoy a romantic getaway of peace and tranquility. Located on the Illinois River, Starved Rock is famous for its deep sandstone canyons and picturesque waterfalls. This is a great location for proposal.

Make Your Proposal Unforgettable in Chicago's Most Beautiful Park
I said yes to this amazing custom engagement ring from the top diamond rings store in chicago

Built on over 27 years of tradition, find out why we’re #1 in the city of Chicago

We offer all diamond shapes. Explore further by clicking the images below.

We guide you throughout the entire custom ring creation journey

ring creation steps

Our customers are the architects of their own perfect piece of jewelry – whether they pick a design from our website, retail showroom or custom design your own ring. All settings can be made to your exact preferences with no detail overlooked! We understand that designing bespoke pieces can be daunting which is why we offer assistance through each step of the journey: budgeting, planning, execution and delivery.

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