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Proposal Idea – A Two Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring at Lake Michigan, Chicago

Proposal Idea – A Two Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring at Lake Michigan, Chicago

December 29, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

How He Proposed me with a Two-Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Brian was acting weird all week, but I really didn’t connect the dots. When he was watching the weather like a dad watching a tornado, I didn’t get it. When he was texting nonstop I was wondering who on his fantasy football team got injured. He took me on a picnic to my favorite spot in the city, at sunset, and asked me to be his partner in life and in love. His biggest fears were that he would drop the ring in the water or my nails wouldn’t be done. Our friend was there to capture this perfect moment and shoo a group of youths away from ruining the photos. The authentic, blissful, ecstatic joy of this moment she captured perfectly and I am forever grateful to her. The ring he chose was a two-tone solitaire engagement ring.

Propose your girl with a diamond ring at Lake Michigan in Chicago
a girl who said yes showing off her gorgeous solitaire engagement ring

He asked me to be his partner in life and in love. ― Taylor Constance

Why Two-Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring was Selected?

Elizette Two Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring

Simple, modern, and sophisticated, the Elizette ring combines a modern-style basket head in white gold with a simple yellow gold band. A perfect design to give you the yellow-gold look while keeping your stone sparkling white. Any shape diamond can be set into this setting.

Why is Two-Tone Solitaire Diamond Ring Style Still so Popular for Proposals and Engagements?

Solitaire rings, which are unquestionably among the most popular settings available, feature a classically lovely appearance that centers on the central stone. They are also timeless item of jewelry that will never feel stale. They are simpler and more minimalist than other of today’s trendier styles. These rings have a huge range of uses. Both a fancy wedding band and a plain one work just as well with them. A solitaire engagement ring might take on a completely different appearance if it is layered with creative wedding bands, or it can keep its straightforward appearance with a traditional band.

Here are some more options from the Solitaire Engagement Ring Collection

Why Lake Michigan is a Great Place to Propose in Chicago?

A breathtaking sunset over Lake Michigan is the ideal way to end a memorable day. All year long, the beaches of Michigan Beachtown offer breathtaking sunsets. The ideal lighting for romantic settings is during the so-called “golden hour” just before sunset. This site creates a wonderful setting for making lifetime memories with your sweetheart.

Lake Michigan in Chicago is popular for engagement proposals
engagement ring for women at finest jeweler in michigan
discover this amazing and unique engagemeet proposal place near Lake Michigan
We got engaged on the beach at Lake Michigan. It was a diamond ring from dimendscaasi chicago

Why are we seen as the Best Jeweler for Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Chicago?

custom engagement ring designs

Custom Designs

dimend SCAASI Jeweler is a designer of custom engagement rings and fine Jewelry in Chicago. Since most of our pieces start out with CAD technology, we can accommodate most requests. Our fee for CAD creations starts at $350 and up, depending on the complexity of the piece. dimend SCAASI does not duplicate designer pieces out of respect to other designers’ intellectual property.