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Why Choose Princess-Cut Engagement Rings?

Why Choose Princess-Cut Engagement Rings?

December 29, 2022| 5 Minutes Read

Princess cut rings! The name itself sounds royal and elegant. But before we talk about princess cut diamond rings, let’s talk a little about diamonds in general. Diamond is the most beautiful and hardest naturally occurring substance and can range from colorless to black. Colorless or pale blue diamonds are rare and valued more. They offer a gigantic and elegant appearance to the wearer. Diamonds are often regarded as a “woman’s best friend”. Its purity is measured in carats.

Engagement Rings studded with diamonds are loved as surreal souvenirs. If this wedding season you plan to get engaged to the love of your life, no worries! This blog will help you decide whether princess cut engagement ring is the right ring to woo your partner.

“Food, water, diamonds you know the essentials”. – Unknown.

Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as oval-cut diamonds, pear-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamonds, etc.

Here are some of the popular diamond cuts-

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Let’s explore the extremely popular Princess Cut now. They are mostly designed in square and sometimes rectangular shape. They were first invented in the 1980s, yet topped the list within a few years. Their brilliant cut with square shape, modern lines, and brilliance makes them a perfect choice for engagement rings. The allure of princess cut rings is for sure inescapable.

When buying an engagement ring, it’s always a smart move to weigh its pros and cons. So here goes!

Characteristics Of Princess Cut Diamond Rings

characteristics of a princess cut diamond

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Princess cuts can differ due to cuts on the pavilion and motifs on the crown. However, this does not affect the quality or budget of the princess cuts.

The crown is the part that faces up, like the crown of a princess such as French or bezel corners. Bezel corners are more durable than French corners, so try to shop for bezel-corner designs.

The pavilion is the underside of a princess cut. On the pavilion, chevron patterns exhibit brilliance. A princess-cut can have two to four patterns. Diamonds with two chevron patterns produce high scintillation, while four chevron patterns produce more scintillation with small facets.

Facets Of A Princess-Cut Diamond

A princess-cut diamond has about 50 and 58 facets, depending on the cut. Facets are usually on the crown and pavilion. Typically, princess cuts have two to four chevron patterns. And you may ask, what are chevron patterns? Chevron patterns are cross patterns that are visible when you view a diamond from above.

When a diamond ring has two chevron patterns, it shimmers white and colored light. When it has four chevron patterns, the diamond reflects more scintillation

Clarity Grades For A Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Clarity grade indicates how noticeable the imperfection in a diamond is. For princess cut, SI1 & VS2 diamonds are highly recommended. They provide clear clarity, at a great price.

Whereas, SI2 and I1 diamonds are also suitable for those with a tight budget. Try to avoid the princess-cut diamonds with inclusions at the corners. Inclusions at corners result in more fragile rings, prone to damage.

clarity grades for a princess cut diamond ring

Select from our Mined princess cut diamonds and Lab-Grown Princess Diamonds and design your ring.

What Metal Goes Best With Princess Cut Diamond Rings?

The love and popularity for princess cuts is increasing day by day. The ring you choose for your special one should be perfect in all aspects, especially the metal type it is embedded on. Princess cut can be embedded into many precious metals; however, it goes best with rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Explore these amazing rose gold Side Stone Princess Cut Engagement Rings by dimend SCAASI.

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What Does A Princess-Cut Diamond Say About You?

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove what a diamond or any jewelry states about you, yet it is believed the type of ring you choose can describe certain traits about your personality. Princess cuts are known for romanticism and shimmer. People, mainly women who go for princess cuts are likely to be adventurous, strong, bold, and chivalrous.

Celebrities Wearing Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Hilary Duff, one of the famous American actresses, owns a beautifully designed princess-cut engagement ring.

Kate Bosworth’s stylish princess cut ring is another trendsetter for engagement rings.

Hilary Duff wearing a beautifully designed princess cut engagement ring
kate Bosworth wearing a stylish princess cut engagement ring

Browse Unique Princess Cut Designs

Comparison Between The Different Diamond Shapes


    • princess cut diamond ring at jewelry store near me

      Princess Cut

    • emerald cut diamond ring at chicago jewelry store


    • cushion cut diamond ring at online jewelry store with international shipping


    • oval cut diamond ring for jewelry with international shipping


    • round cut diamond ring at best online jewelry store


    • Look

    • Dainty, bold

    • is Sophisticated, and elegant

    • Soft, classy with a touch of vintage style.

    • Modern, bold

    • Timeless, classy, traditional.

    • Flaws

    • Inclusions at the corner

    • No light is scattered to hide the flaws. Go for clarity grades.

    • VS2 & SI1 will offer a clean clarity check at the best price

    • Inclusions and flaws are almost invisible in the oval-cut shapes, and bow-tie effects present.

    • Go for VVS2 or a VS1 clarity check

    • Price

    • Affordable than most other diamond shapes.

    • Affordable.

    • Comes at an affordable price than round cut diamonds

    • Can be available on a budget and the price can go high depending on the setting.

    • Expensive

    • Durability

    • Due to the sharp corners, the ring is easy to damage.

    • Can be vulnerable to chipping.

    • Long-lasting. Can be implemented in daily wear.

    • More durable than sharply pointed rings.

    • Highly durable.

How Should I Choose Between Different Diamond Cut Rings?

Choosing an engagement ring is always a tough task. Especially when there are so many options available in the market. It is always beneficial if you take help from a professional. Adhere to your budget. Flaws should be invisible to the naked eye. Most importantly the ring you choose should bring a smile to your face, so don’t hurry the process.

Where To Find Different-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings?

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