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Shocked that He Managed to Pull this Off!

Shocked that He Managed to Pull this Off!

February 22, 2023| 5 Minutes Read

A Personal Story from the Couple

For starters, this boy claims to have no sap in him, but he’s got a whole lot of sap and does in fact deserve a sappy post in return. Ever since I saw (yes, ONE look 5 years ago) this boy, I knew I had to know more about him. as I got to know him better, that hunch did not disappoint. This proposal with an emerald halo ring may be one of the biggest surprises yet. although it’s a close second to the day you went from being referred to as Ohio State boy to my boyfriend. I’m STOKED for forever with you and all that God has in store for us.

This proposal with an emerald halo ring was the best!
The emerald cut halo diamond ring was from the best jewelry store in town

Shocked that he managed to pull this off! ― Tina Thomas

What Emerald Halo Ring was Selected?

What Makes this Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Ring Special?

An exclusive engagement style, we designed Devin for those who like a subtle halo look. To create this unique rounded halo, two rows of micro pave are set at an angle to each other, using haute joaillerie techniques originally developed by master diamond setters in Belgium. Known as Belgian Pave, this is one of the most technically advanced and time-consuming setting styles, but we believe it produces such an elegant and unique look that it is absolutely worth it.

Why are Emerald Halo Rings Popular among Couples?

The customization options available with an emerald halo ring make it a great choice for couples. You can choose from different cuts, settings and other guises to create something unique to your relationship—from vintage-inspired designs to modern twists! Furthermore, you can also infuse special meaning into your ring by adding diamonds or colored stones in between the emeralds. Additionally, the halo setting gives the ring gorgeous sparkle—capturing everyone’s attention as soon as you walk in a room!

Here are Some More Emerald Halo Diamond Rings that We Recommend.

Brainard Lake in Colorado is a Beautiful Place for Engagements

Brainard Lake is an incredibly beautiful place that can make the perfect setting for a special engagement. Nestled in the Indian Peaks Wilderness of Colorado, the lake provides stunning views of snow-covered peaks, turquoise waters, and lush forests all year round. Its breathtaking backdrop provides plenty of opportunities to take memorable photos and capture your love story on camera.

The surrounding area also provides lots of activities for you to enjoy as a couple—from fishing on the lake to taking long hikes through the nearby trails and peaks. Plus, if you’re looking for something even more adventurous, you can go rock climbing or kayaking! No matter what type of outdoor activities you prefer, Brainard Lake has something for everyone.

Overall, Brainard Lake makes a beautiful location for engagements—one that will give you memories to cherish forever!

Brainard Lake in Colorado is a Beautiful Place for Engagements
Proposed my girlfriend with a halo engagement ring with emerald cut diamond
She Said Yes to the beautifully designed emerald halo ring from the best online jewelry store
Happy Couple after exchanging their promise rings
Nestled in the Indian Peaks Wilderness of Colorado, the lake provides stunning views of snow-covered peaks, turquoise waters, and lush forests all year round

Why are We Seen as the Best Jeweler in Chicago?

Our experts curate the best mined and lab-grown diamonds just for you

Dimend SCAASI is one of the best jewelry stores in the market today, and for good reason! From their commitment to quality craftsmanship, exquisite designs, and exceptional customer service—it’s no wonder that they are often celebrated as one of the best in the business.

The team takes great care in crafting each piece of jewelry, using time-tested techniques alongside modern technology to create beautiful pieces that last for years. Their selection of designs also caters to all tastes—from classic to edgy—ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Moreover, their team is highly trained and dedicated to providing an excellent shopping experience from start to finish. Not only do they help customers select a piece that meets their style and budget, but they also provide helpful advice on how to care for it after purchase.

All these factors combined make it easy to understand why Dimend SCAASI is renowned as one of the top jewelers out there!

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