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Bridal Ring Sets

A bridal set consists of both an engagement ring and a matching wedding band, traditionally worn by the bride. The engagement ring is given during the proposal, while the wedding ring is exchanged during the marriage ceremony. When you wear both rings together, it’s referred to as your bridal set. While proposing, it’s not necessary to present a bridal set; however, if you choose to do so, both rings are designed to complement each other in color and style. They are crafted to fit together seamlessly when worn side-by-side. Opting for a bridal set saves you the time and effort of finding a matching band for your engagement ring.

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All You Need To Know Before Bridal Ring Shopping

Choosing a bridal set can be difficult, especially with so many variations available. Learn all about ring metals and how to buy a bridal set in order to make the best decision.


Ring Size

Your Budget

Match It


When embarking on the journey of selecting your perfect wedding rings, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, decide if you want the wedding ring to match, complement, or be different from the engagement ring. Next, think about how often you will wear the wedding ring. If it will be worn daily and you lead an active lifestyle involving your hands, durability is crucial. Lastly, if you have any metal allergies, look for hypoallergenic metal settings. We are here to assist you in finding the ideal metal setting that perfectly aligns with your preferences and style.

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Ring Size

Finding the ideal ring only to learn that the fit is disappointing. To spare yourself a lot of hassle, always look for rings in your size. Finding the ideal ring only to learn that the fit is disappointing. To spare yourself a lot of hassle, always look for rings in your size.

Download our printable ring size To determine your ring size accurately, simply cut out and wrap a measuring tape snugly around your ring finger. If you plan to wear a wider band, consider choosing a size that is half a size larger than your actual ring size, as you will likely find it more comfortable to wear.

How Much Should You Really Spend On A Bridal Ring Sets?

The amount to spend on a bridal ring set is a personal decision that should align with your values and financial situation. While considering the average ring cost can be helpful, the traditional notion of spending three months’ salary on an engagement ring has become less common in recent times. It is essential to determine your own ring budget and not feel pressured to overspend. There are various size, style, and complexity options available to suit everyone’s ring budget, and it is best to avoid going into debt for the sake of a ring purchase. Prioritizing financial responsibility and finding a ring that fits comfortably within your means is the key to making a wise and meaningful choice.

What Do People Spend On Their Bridal Ring Sets?

Keep in mind that the amount people spend on bridal ring sets can vary widely depending on factors such as location, income, and personal preferences.

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How To Match your Engagement Ring With Your Wedding Band?

Considering that an engagement ring is usually worn alone for just a few months, it’s wise to think about the style of the wedding band your partner would prefer at the same time you purchase the diamond engagement ring. Several factors should be considered when choosing the perfect wedding band. These include the band’s thickness, the type of metal used, and the setting style. However, the most crucial aspect is selecting a style that truly embodies your partner’s unique individuality. By taking all these elements into account, you can find a wedding band that beautifully complements the engagement ring and resonates with your partner’s personal taste.

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Why Buy A Bridal Set?

First, buying a bridal set keeps things simple and convenient. Instead of having to shop for two different rings separately. Second, bridal sets look fantastic. A typical bridal set includes an engagement ring as well as a matching wedding band for the bride, creating a unique, complementary set. Lastly, bridal sets can offer great value for money. Because you’re buying two rings at the same time, you can save money when buying a bridal set compared to purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band separately.

How Do You Wear A Bridal Ring Set?

Before your wedding, you wear the engagement ring by itself. After the wedding, you wear both rings on the same finger (your left-hand ring finger) with the wedding band closest to your heart. That means the wedding band is on the bottom, closest to your palm. The engagement ring in the bridal set typically is more intricate and features a large gemstone or diamond.

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What’s The Difference Between A Bridal Ring Set And A Wedding Ring Set?

A bridal set, as used in the jewelry industry, is a set that includes both the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band. The groom must purchase his wedding band separately if he chooses a bridal set. A wedding set consists of an engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride, as well as a matching wedding band for the groom.

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you’re buying your bridal ring set.

Choosing Disproportionate Rings

With matching rings, there’s more to it than simply picking the same metal and gemstones for each one. When wearing two rings on the same finger, it’s especially important to consider the size, weight, and balance of the rings.

Keep things in proportion when picking out your bridal set. In order to avoid having your wedding band appear smaller than your engagement ring, choose a relatively thin wedding band if your ring has a small diamond.

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Choosing Shapes That Don’t Match

It’s important to match the shape of the engagement ring to the shape of the wedding band to avoid choosing a set that has an awkward fit. For optimal comfort, make sure the engagement and wedding rings you choose have shapes that match or complement each other. Look out for rings that rub against each other, as friction can damage many metals over time.

Lack Of Research

Even though color, clarity, cut, and carat are all crucial factors to consider when purchasing bridal ring sets, most individuals don’t have an understanding of these four characteristics while making a purchase. So, before you begin searching at specific styles and pricing of diamond rings, do your research in depth.

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Top Selling Bridal Ring Sets

Women’s wedding bands crafted to celebrate your big day. Precious metals paired with high-quality diamonds. There are various options from understated classic items in rose gold and white gold, yellow gold and platinum to bold contemporary wedding rings for women.

Bridal Rings Sets

Explore our bridal sets and choose the coordinating engagement ring and wedding ring set that suits your style.

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