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Men’s Wedding Rings

It is not surprising that so much time and effort is put into choosing wedding rings because they represent a sign of a lifetime commitment. For years, women have enjoyed hundreds of stylistic options, including different shapes of diamonds to pair with an engagement ring.

Men typically have significantly fewer options. More men are looking for wedding rings today that go with their personal style and way of life. In addition, we are thrilled to provide gorgeous patterns in extremely highly durable metals.

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All You Need To Know Before Wedding Ring Shopping

Choosing a wedding ring can be difficult, especially with so many variations available. Learn all about ring styles, and how to buy a wedding ring in order to make the best decision.

Ring Styles & Metals

Ring Size

Your Budget

Band Finishes

Ring Styles And Metals

Our incredible collection of wedding rings for him includes classic styles and unique options to fit your style. Explore our vast selection of wedding rings styles for men.

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Classic Rings

The classic wedding band in a single metal is so popular because of its elegance and simplicity. Plain yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum bands are practical, elegant, comfortable, and enduring choices for men.

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Diamond Rings

At dimend SCAASI, we believe that both men and women should have the opportunity to enjoy exquisite jewelry. That’s why we offer a diverse collection of men’s diamond wedding rings in various designs. If you prefer a coordinated look, consider matching the metal tones, using the same diamond shape, or incorporating subtle accents like milgrain to create a men’s wedding ring that complements your partner’s. With our selection, men can also cherish the beauty and elegance of diamond-adorned rings, ensuring that both partners have a symbol of their love and commitment that perfectly suits their individual style.

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Carved Rings

Carved wedding rings for men enable men to deviate from the classic wedding band by going for carved bands. They are often designed with handmade carvings that give them a vintage appearance.

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Tantalum Rings

Tantalum is a hard, dense and is very durable in wear. Tantalum rings have similar characteristics to platinum, although a little darker in color, although it is more durable and scratch resistant than platinum. Tantalum rings will not tarnish or break and can be re-polished to remove any scratches.

Tantalum is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great option for someone with metal allergies or sensitive skin. Tantalum wedding bands are ideal for those with an active lifestyle since they are extremely durable.

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When it comes to selecting your ideal wedding rings, where do you start? First off, will the wedding ring be matching, complementing, or dissimilar from the engagement ring. Secondly, will the wedding ring be worn every day? Do you have an active lifestyle that involves your hands? Lastly, are you looking for hypoallergenic metal settings? We will help you find the metal setting that matches your wants and style.

Ring Size

Finding the ideal ring only to learn that the fit is disappointing. To spare yourself a lot of hassle, always look for rings in your size.

Download our Printable Ring Size. To accurately determine your ring size, simply cut out the measuring tape and wrap it snugly around your ring finger. If you opt for a wider band, consider selecting a size that is half a size larger than your actual ring size, as you’ll likely find it more comfortable to wear.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring?

The amount to spend on a wedding ring is a personal decision that should align with your values and financial situation. While considering the average cost of an engagement ring can be helpful, the traditional notion of spending three months’ salary on an engagement ring has become less common in recent times. It is essential to determine your own ring budget and not feel pressured to overspend. There are various size, style, and complexity options available to suit everyone’s ring budget, and it is best to avoid going into debt for the sake of a ring purchase. Prioritizing financial responsibility and finding a ring that fits comfortably within your means is the key to making a wise and meaningful choice.

What Do People Spend On Their Wedding Ring?

Keep in mind that the amount people spend on wedding rings can vary widely depending on factors such as location, income, and personal preferences.

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Band Finishes

Some of the most interesting metalsmithing techniques are the wide range of textures a jeweler can add to a finished piece. These finishes can transform the look and feel of your ring. A pristine, shiny polish creates a sense regality and tradition.

You can make this choice based on your aesthetic preferences alone, but another added quality of metal textures is that they wear differently. You can choose a finish based on how its long-term look will pair with your wearing habits.

High Polish

A high polish finish reflects light for a shiny and timeless look. This is by far the most common finish for both engagement and wedding rings. It creates a classic glossy surface that is smooth and bright. High polish is one of the most traditional looks for a wedding band finish.

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Matte Finish

Matte finishes are popular with folks who prefer an understated look. There are many methods for creating a matte finish on jewelry, and they vary subtly in appearance and durability.

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Hammered Finish

A hammered ring possesses a striking and rugged appearance. It appears as if the metal was shaped by hammering instead of being smoothed down, giving it a textured and unique look. The hammer marks may vary in visibility, depending on the style of the ring, resulting in a distinct and appealing design.

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Satin Finish

Satin rings have a matte finish that looks more like a brushed finish, but the satin finish feels smooth to the touch while the brushed finish feels textured. Satin rings are popular with people who are searching for something less traditional.

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Brushed Finish

If you are going for a less shiny, more matte, and textured appearance, you want a brushed finish ring. Brushed finish rings are modern and not as high maintenance as high polished rings. Scratches and scuff marks are not nearly as visible on a brushed finish ring.

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Wedding Bands symbolize passion and devotion between couples. With no designated beginning or end, the wedding band embodies eternity.

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Top Selling Men’s Wedding Rings

Wedding bands for men made to commemorate your special day. Exceptional diamonds set with precious metals. Men’s wedding bands come in a variety of styles, from subtle classic rings in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum to brash contemporary rings.

Wedding Rings For Women

Celebrate your marriage with a diamond wedding ring or a simpler, classic wedding band as well as eternity and vintage style rings.

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