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Similar to any machinery or equipment, jewelry also necessitates proper maintenance to preserve its optimal condition. It is imperative to provide diligent care for your jewelry to uphold its pristine state and retain its value as time passes. Here, you will find answers to common inquiries regarding jewelry maintenance, empowering you to keep your cherished pieces in outstanding shape.

Do You Insure Jewelry?

Although dimend SCAASI does not insure Jewelry, we provide you with an Appraisal which can be used to obtain insurance coverage. We recommend Jewelers Mutual, a highly regarded, dedicated Jewelry insurance company since 1913.

Do You Provide Insurance Appraisals?

We do offer appraisals for $50. This is the paperwork you will need when you insure your jewelry.

About Our DS-Care Service Plan

We understand that life can bring unexpected challenges, which is why we provide our customers with an extended service plan. This plan offers additional peace of mind by covering damages that go beyond normal wear-and-tear. We believe in taking care of your special pieces, ensuring they remain protected throughout life’s twists and turns.

ds Care service plan

How Often Should My Jewelry Be Cleaned?

Engaging in regular preventative maintenance for your jewelry is highly recommended. It is advisable to take your jewelry for professional inspection and cleaning once or twice a year, with twice a year being the optimal frequency to address minor issues before they escalate into major problems. Fortunately, cleaning your jewelry at home is a simple process that does not require any extravagant materials. A mild solution of water and dish soap is sufficient to eliminate most dirt and debris from platinum, gold, or silver jewelry.

Can My Ring Be Resized?

Absolutely! In general, most precious metal rings can be resized to make them larger or smaller according to your preference. However, certain factors such as blended metals, stones encircling the entire band, and vintage rings may require a case-by-case evaluation to determine the feasibility of resizing. Rest assured, our experts will carefully assess these unique circumstances to provide the best possible solution for your specific ring.

When it comes to increasing the size of a ring, the process involves matching and adding metal. The jeweler will make a precise cut in the ring and then use laser techniques to attach the matched metal. This additional metal is seamlessly blended into the ring, creating an invisible and smooth transition. On the other hand, decreasing the size of a ring requires precise cutting and the removal of metal. The ends are then reattached using Laser ensuring a secure fit. Both processes are carried out with great care and precision to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the ring. Please note: maintaining our rings with other Jewelers may void our warranty.

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Can You Repair All Jewelry?

Yes! We can fix most precious jewelry. We provide the following services:

Stone Tightening

Stone Tightening

prong re-tipping

Prong Re-Tipping

re-rounding rings


replace melee diamonds

Replace Melee Diamonds

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